How to Excel In Math

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    14th August, Saturday - 5:00 pm IST

    Math has emerged as a valuable subject and choice of study program for higher education, as STEM fields have diversified into multiple career options. Many high school students today are considering Math as a potential college major or future career option.
    This panel discussion is aimed at national and international high school students and their parents, bringing them together with undergraduate or recently-graduated students pursuing math-related degree programs and other cross-disciplinary majors at renowned US universities. The panelists are our CourseLeap students and Peer Mentors, who are further pursuing or have pursued their interest in math and are currently building on their career.

    We intend to give young students an idea of what higher education in Math & related fields is like, and how it can help with career goals.

    The IB Diploma Programme is a two-year intensive high school programme that is considered one of the most rigorous college-prep programmes globally. To be prepared for the challenge of this programme, it is important to have the right mindset, skills, strategies, and work habits. When these skill sets are cultivated early on in the IBDP journey, it often translates into success.

    Recently, the IBDP results for the May 2021 cohort were announced; CourseLeap is delighted to share that our IBDP students have performed exceptionally well this year given the tough conditions and in a purely online framework. 

    As we are at the start of the academic year, we are looking to tap into the collective experiences of some of our recent graduates that will provide insightful learning for high schoolers who are in their IB journey as well as those who are considering IBDP as a choice of curriculum. CourseLeap’s cohort of IB alumni includes students who have been associated with us through various roles such as Pre-IB students, All-Year students, Interns and Peer Mentors.

    This interaction will revolve around

    To make the most of their experiences join us for a panel discussion on:

    14th August (Saturday) at 5:00 pm IST.



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