Academic Research & Writing Skills

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Course Concept

This course will take students on a journey through the research and planning processes which provide the essential foundations for building good essays for high school and university. 

In higher education students are often required to produce essays of varying lengths in numerous subjects which can represent a significant element in the summative assessments for their final qualification. In addition, the writing skills they acquire during these crucial years of their education will contribute enormously to their performance not just at university but beyond. Yet little time is available to subject teachers in high school for supporting the development of the necessary skills in their students to succeed fully in delivering essays that are well-researched, effectively structured and clearly expressed in academically appropriate English.

Rather than dealing in abstract concepts and theories, the course will engage students in short, accessible skill-building tasks which will help equip them to approach and develop those skills according to best academic practice and with greater confidence. The pace of this course will be lively, varied and demanding. We structure our sessions in the conviction that students learn best by ‘doing’, rather than being told what to do.

* For ICSE, CBSE, ISC, HSC, A Level or IB students planning to pursue study overseas after completion of Grade 10 / 12 Boards

Who is it for ?

  • Students who are in grade 9 – 12  across all curricula
  • Pre-university students looking for gaining credits in college
  • Bright students in grade 9 who have been exposed to accelerated Math courses and are willing to challenge their knowledge can seek special permission from CourseLeap advisor


* This course is equally valuable as pre-college courses for students across diverse curricula. This includes Indian national boards: CBSE/ ISC/ICSE or int’l boards such as American boards, IGCSE, MYP, IB Diploma-Applications and Interpretation Course if they are applying for select universities and courses requiring advanced calculus studies.



Finding and evaluating suitable sources for projects and essays


Effective reading and note-taking


Avoiding unintentional plagiarism


Planning a clear and concise outlines, including abstract, introduction, main body and  conclusion


Structuring effective paragraphs with a relevant topic sentence; writing summaries and  paraphrases of source content


Supporting arguments with suitable evidence, illustration and critical analysis


Deploying references appropriately and correctly


Writing in an objective academic style

Course Details

Ideal for

Grade 10 - Pre-University


7 Days

Total hours

22 hours

The course includes: teaching, assessments, doubt clarification, homework and progress reports


Available on request


I learnt how to research a topic effectively. I also learnt how to paraphrase and annotate effectively. I realized the importance of plagiarizing and how organizing my work will help . I learnt a new idea of “ thinking notes” that will definitely help at university. I have gained confidence in my typing skills and even explored a lot of tech stuff that I would not do otherwise. This course has prepared me for university and has covered the basics that were expected of me.

Purna Kantharia

Year 2019, Former ISC student, Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai, currently enrolled at the CASS Business School London

How can we help

Please refer to the Contact Us page if you need help deciding courses or have any other inquiries so we can understand your needs. The appropriate team member will get in touch with you shortly.

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