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Course Concept

This course is designed for students who have completed Year 11 (embarking on year 12) and want to develop a broad skill set and maximize chances of top grade performance. Academic success in the first semester of Year 12 is crucial given its strong influence on predicted grades and university placements. The Mid-IBD course will ensure students have a highly productive summer and give them a head start in their final year of IBDP. Moreover, students will receive two personalized guidance sessions on their research proposal for ‘Math Exploration’– an important assessment weighing 20% into their final Math grade.



Review problems based on individual students’ needs and prepare a tailor-made program.


Address careless mistakes identified based on Year 11 performance.


Practice concise and efficient problem solving methods that are frequently overlooked.


Teach a full topic of the core syllabus yet to be taught in the first semester of Grade 12.


Introduce students to techniques employed in top grade Internal Assessments.

Course Details

Ideal for

Summer before Grade 12


2 Weeks

Total hours

Upto 30 Hours


  • 10 hours of assessment, feedback and progress reports.
  • 3 – 3.5 hours sessions for Higher Level
  • 2 – 2.5 hours sessions for Standard Level


June to August


I joined the mid IB course to help maintain my lead and also practice math during the break. We covered so much in 8 days, integration, permutations and combinations and probability and statistics, and guidance for math exploration topic, that I was surprised. The syllabus we had covered in this course amounted to at least 2 months in school. This wasn’t a course where we just brushed over topics but one in which we delved into problems and solved them in different ways. There was not one homework problem that wasn’t discussed thoroughly and not one class where we didn’t learn anything. And on top of that, the various thinking strategies and calculator tips we had learnt were not something we could expect from school. I feel like not only have we covered the syllabus ahead but also covered it with such depth that our notes are what we would need when the topic comes around in school. I would like to thank Ms. Dhingra for the help and great experience.

Kartik Mehra

Former IB Higher Level Math student, Oberoi International School, Mumbai, 2018, consistently scoring top grade in school, currently studying Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

We managed to finish an entire topic part of the core of Math HL in 8 sessions! …I learned many tips for the use of the GDC and learned many new strategies to approach a problem. That is what I find the best about Mrs. Dhingra. She teaches you many strategies to take on a problem and helps you understand that every question is based on the same simple premise. Additionally this course also helped me manage my Extended Essay which is in Math. I was able to get a clear outline with the help of Mrs. Dhingra and it has made my EE work a little easier. We also discussed the math exploration and started the thinking process for that which gives me a head-start when it is introduced in school.

Nandish Vora

Former IB Higher Level Math student, Bombay International, Mumbai, 2018, currently studying Maths & Physics at Emory University

How can we help

Please refer to the Contact Us page if you need help deciding courses or have any other inquiries so we can understand your needs. The appropriate team member will get in touch with you shortly.


Yes. HL/ SL are designed differently keeping in mind the level of course requirements for the subject. Thus, there are separate Mid-IB offerings for higher Level and standard Level students.

Yes – regardless of top performance, students may find Year 12 IB Math challenging with trickier topics yet to be covered. Moreover, Year 12 keeps students busy with multiple deadlines and the stress of applying to university. A preparatory course in the summer before Year 12 will thus reduce anxiety for a subject demanding rigorous practice.

At Course Leap we offer guidance within permissible ethical guidelines laid out by the IB. The assistance for the Internal Assessment aims to develop students’ own ideas by narrowing the research question. Individual guidance will be given via two personalized sessions where students will be asked to dwell deeper into their proposed topics if need be, or explore other topics of research that may be more promising.

The Mid-IB Course is tailor-made based on year 11 performance and closes relevant knowledge gaps using IB best practices and techniques. The taught skill set is highly relevant and applicable to top performance in IB Math. While the course also covers content of one full tricky topic still to be taught in year 12, it does not replace the need to constantly practice through the year. There are a number of courses that are available at CourseLeap all year round along with tutorial hours for the student to benefit from.


To support students through their entire IB Math journey, CourseLeap has focused offerings schedules at times where performance is crucial. before predicted grades or conditional offers for university admissions and exams. Year-round Tutorial Hours are for continued concepts building. learning tricky topics, doubts clarification or solving challenging problem sets. Revision/Exam Prep Courses impart top revision strategies and personalized feedback for solved practice papers.

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