Pre-IB Math Standard Level (SL)

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Course Concept

Pre-IB Math Standard Level (SL)

The Pre-IB Course is an intensive three-week course for students prior to their embarking on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The course helps students from non IB board streams to seamlessly integrate into the IBDP by bridging the gap between different modes of teaching. The Pre-IB Math course is designed such that students from different curricula upto year 10 are able to value it. It is equally beneficial for students who have previously studied within the IB curriculum or have taken Advanced Mathematics from other boards as the IBDP is a pre – university course that has its own rigour of content, contains significant detail and commands a superior skill set. 

The programme delivery ensures the best use of IB-compliant practices in content, teaching styles and techniques, ultimately resulting in significantly higher chances of achieving top results at school. The course lays the foundations of prior learning concepts, focusing on the improvement of the academic skills of critical thinking, using real-world applications and simulations, the carrying out of explorations (with collaborative group work) and use of the Graphic Display Calculator. It familiarises students with the work habits required to perform effectively in IB Math. We acquaint students with Internal Assessment criteria and format of Math Exploration thoroughly and they submit a mini task and get extensive feedback. This is crucial since the IA is worth 20 marks, and is worth 20% of the student’s final grade in IB Mathematics. Overall, it provides students with a head start in their journey as it imparts essential skills and lays the robust mathematical foundations to succeed in IB.

The courses are designed in such a manner which help students of all abilities to succeed in the math program at school.

  1. We have separate batches for HL & SL Pre-IB Math Courses.
  2. Students of MAA (Math Analysis and Approaches) and MAI (Math Applications and Interpretation) equally benefit from HL/SL courses. 
  3. Students who are considering Higher Level or who are not fully sure of the choice of level will have extra support material and assistance provided for the success in this course. 

IB Diploma Math underwent significant changes in the year 2019. Ms. Dhingra, our Chief Instructor for the Math courses, is a leading IB Math workshop leader in the Asia Pacific Region since 2010. Since 2019 Mrs. Dhingra has conducted math workshops for both the courses: MAA, Math Analysis and Approaches Course and MAI, Math Applications and Interpretation Course nationally and internationally.



Bridge the differences between learning until the 10th grade and those demanded by the IBD


Improve skills of problem solving, critical thinking, investigative approaches and mathematical proofs through a toolkit


In-depth learning and application of the first term syllabus and beyond


Acquaint students with Internal Assessment criteria and format of Math Exploration and submit a mini task


Impart advanced skills needed to effectively use a Graphic Display Calculator


Develop work habits to succeed in IBD Math

Course Details

Standard Level

Ideal for

After Grade 10: Head Start to Grade 11


3 weeks

Total hours

60 hours

Date & Time for all Batches

Batch 1:

23rd May to 10th June (Mon-Fri)

9:30am – 1:00pm

11th June (Sat – Finale)

2:30pm to 4:00pm

Batch 2

19th June to 5th July (Mon-Fri | Sun) 

9:30am – 1:00pm 

(4th & 5th July – 2:30pm to 6:30pm)

9th July (Sat – Finale)

2:30pm to 4:00pm


The course includes: teaching, assessments, doubt clarification, homework and progress reports for all Batches

Batches running in May, June, July – Check our Monthly calendar for course dates


“This course helped me revise the topics covered, and allowed me to push myself to understand the harder concepts more easily. The sessions were also extremely engaging, and helped me learn a lot. Mr. Rohit, our instructor, was extremely clear with what he was teaching and was instantly able to clear our doubts. I think after these 3 weeks I have seen a drastic improvement in general, ranging from my concentration, to my confidence in math. Going into IB will be less stressful and math will be a lot easier.”

Shanaya Panjwani

American School of Bombay, Mumbai, IBMYP, 2021. Studying IBDP at the same school.

“IB Math is more analytical and application based. The Pre-IB Math SL course was extremely helpful and really built a strong foundation before the IB started. Our instructors gave us in depth explanations about concepts and were very supportive in clarifying all our doubts. Overall, this was extremely fun, a new experience and a very good learning experience.”

Vama Madhani

J.B Petit, Mumbai, ICSE, 2021. Studying IBDP at Chinmaya International Residential School.

“I had never practiced these types of questions before in my MYP years as an IB math student. I really think this maths course has helped me improve my maths and also been a great revision. Our instructor, Mr Gupta was really good and supportive who helped me maintain my focus. Everyday was a fun class as I learned new things and my peers were all friendly and amazing.”

Manu Singh Bawa

ABA Oman International School, Muscat, IBMYP, 2021. Studying IBDP at the same school.

“IB math doesn’t just expect an answer to a question, it requires reasoning, analysing and critical thinking. In my earlier studies we never used any form of technology and now we get to learn about and use many different types of technology. The tutorial and quizzes  were helpful in revising and testing our knowledge. Rohit Sir, is a wonderful teacher! He was extremely patient and explained the topics really well at a good pace through the class. Shreyasi ma’am was supportive and accommodating, she solved my doubts and explained them extremely well. The course has equipped me with enough and more knowledge to confidently enter the IBDP Programme and will surely help me significantly as we go on to do math throughout the year.”

Shrshti Santhosh

Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, ICSE, 2021. Studying IBDP at the same school.

“IB maths would be similar to IB MYP maths, mainly because of some overlap in content, however the extent at which we explore these different topics are very different. The course helped me with my understanding of a lot of the concepts and also it also covered a big chunk of content from the IB. Mr. Rohit, our instructor was very helpful and made sure that we all understood the content. Another plus point was that he knew how to use the math technology very well, and since it was on the calculator that my school uses, I learnt a lot.“

Ahaan Vaknalli

Oberoi International School, Mumbai, IBMYP, 2021. Studying IBDP at the same school.

Parent - student Voice

How can we help

Please refer to the Contact Us page if you need help deciding courses or have any other inquiries so we can understand your needs. The appropriate team member will get in touch with you shortly.


While sustained hard work can allow one to succeed regardless of mathematical prowess, students will receive a ‘Level recommendation’ in a progress report given upon course conclusion.

To support students through their entire IB Math journey, Courseleap offers Personalised ‘Tutorial Hours’ and ‘Revision/ Exam Prep Courses’ through the year. Courses are scheduled at times where performance is crucial (e.g. Predicted Grades, Exams). Year round Tutorial Hours are for continued concept building, learning tricky topics, doubts clarification or solving challenging problem sets. Revision/Exam Prep Courses impart top revision strategies, and personalized feedback for solved practice papers.

Yes – regardless of background, students may find IB math challenging due to its application based questioning and focus on critical thinking. Additional math topics are taught in significantly greater detail in the IB and command a superior skill set. We offer separate courses for HL & SL additional math students can take the benefit of signing up for Pre-IB Higher Level Math course

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