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Our Pre-IBDP Course is held in the summer between Grade 10 and prior to the start of the IBDP, utilizes a portion of the relaxed summer months, and prepares students in advance, with a head start and with a target for performance when the school opens. Our Pre-IB courses have been designed in a manner that is valued by all students having studied diverse curricula up to Grade 10. We offer Pre-IB Courses in Math (Higher and Standard Level) , Introduction to IB Core, English: Language and (Literature), Spanish, Economics and Computer Science.

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    Registration process for our Pre-IB courses to be conducted in May, June and July 2021 have begun.

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    Our team of CourseLeap instructors are highly experienced educators and established masters of their profession whose love of learning equals their love of teaching. All our teachers have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to incorporate the recent changes across various IB subjects.

    Yogesh Dhingra

    Yogesh Dhingra

    Founder, Chief Instructor and
    Academic Advisor, Pre-IB Math

    Chrisann Almeida

    Associate Consultant & Instructor for Pre - IB Introduction to IB Core (TOK, EE, CAS)

    Nick Pillow

    Associate Consultant
    & Instructor Pre-IB English

    Helen Wilkinson

    Associate Consultant
    Pre- IB English
    George Mansur

    George Mansur

    Pre-IB Spanish & French
    Justin Sebastian

    Justin Sebastian

    Pre-IB Economics

    Sunil Kumar

    Pre-IB Computer Science



    Pre-IB Math

    “The content and application knowledge that Miss Dhingra has is incredible and especially her way of expressing mathematical questions in a concise and effective manner makes it extremely easy for students to grasp the concepts. This course has given me the required rigour I need for IBDP Maths due to its intensifying and daily schedule. Moreover, it has also given me insightful tips for external assessments such as the Maths exploration and I have been introduced to the Math toolkit to a great extent. Finally, this course has given the perfect boost I need for starting with IBDP Maths.”

    Aakrit Singhal, Podar International School, Mumbai, IGCSE Extended Math, 2020

    “Ms. Dhingra truly takes time to understand each and every student in the class and pays attention to their strengths and weaknesses and addresses them in class. Even though class is online, she has tried her best to keep us engaged by making the sessions interactive and going in great depth for each topic. I really liked the way Ms Dhingra taught us the concepts in such a way that they have been ingrained in my mind quite well.”

    Prisha Punjwani, Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai, ICSE, 2020

    “The tutorials were helpful in applying my understanding of problems. The feedback of our instructors was very very helpful, and I do feel more prepared to go back and redo the tutorials. I feel Ms. Dhingra adds value to the course by ensuring solidification of class materials. She helps us ensure that we understand the concepts properly. It has taught me to work on a subject for a long time. This course has also taught me about prioritization. I do feel better about prioritization and more confident.”

    Rishi Chandan, American School Bombay, Mumbai, IB MYP, 2020

    “Mrs Dhingra is the best math teacher I have ever had. I love how into the subject she is and how much of research stuff she tells us to go and find. It makes the course less monotonous and more interesting”

    Aadya Joshi, American School of Bombay, Mumbai, Math SL Analysis and Approaches, 2019

    “This course helped improve my thinking abilities and definitely got me better at math, I got a clearer idea of how math as well as IB was going to be overall. It also got me inquisitive of various things which encouraged me to watch videos and do research, I think this time of the vacation was used quite efficiently and I am glad it happened at CourseLeap Mrs. Dhingra is never hesitant when we have doubts and she has a plethora of teaching strategies which adds to my understanding of math. She did go in depth of quite a few interesting topics to broaden our knowledge irrespective of whether it was a part of the course, which is one thing I really liked. She understood my situation with math as I had an IGCSE extended background and made sure I was able to cope with the others”

    Kriti Kedia, Former student of Extended math IGCSE at Vibgyor High School, Mumbai, 2019, currently pursuing IB Diploma at DAIS, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai.

    “This course helped me to think of everything more mathematically and develop the approach of looking at things in daily life through a mathematical lens. It also helped me to understand the intensity that the IB Diploma requires and how we should configure our work ethic to have that intensity. More importantly it taught me the importance of understanding things fully and thus helped me to discover Math in a way I never had before.Mrs. Dhingra has extensive knowledge on the course and the skills needed to succeed in it. She is great at teaching the concepts from the very basics which makes it easy for us to understand. A sincere effort was made to make sure that everyone understands everything and also that the work is consolidated. The tasks were also given to introduce us to the IB style of working”.

    Sharan Mangrulkar, Former ICSE student of Campion School, Mumbai, 2019, currently pursuing IB Diploma at Bombay International School, Mumbai.

    “Ms Dhingra helps keep our attention, makes the course content very interesting, helps us to understand difficult concepts and teach new ways to look at the same problem. IB is more in depth, more difficult, a lot more applications and “exploration” type stuff. The course was very helpful to cement the skills learned in class and helped me develop a good work ethic. The quizzes made the breaks interesting, helped us build thinking and application skills and probing skills to help with explorations. I’d like such courses before exams too…”

    Devika Madgavkar, Former IGCSE Additional Math student, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, 2018, currently studying at Stanford University.

    Pre-IB Intro to IB Core (TOK, EE, CAS)

    “I think every single concept taught in this course was extremely valuable as I now know what my teacher expects of me and the resources that I now have will only make me a better writer. I felt really good when I received good constructive criticism on my paper as I now know where I should focus on the next time I write another academic paper. I have gained a lot more communication skills after conversing with the other students in this course.”

    Ambica Kale, Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai, ICSE, 2020

    “Skills like reflection and note-taking were very helpful. Mrs. Chrisann is extremely helpful and her knowledge of the course content is invaluable. The mini report was a good accomplishment, citing your own websites/books, note taking, seeing different types of reflections, all of these were great to develop my skills for the IBDP. I have gained a lot of the IB learner profile skills. Being able to reflect, think and express your thoughts in the form of text is something I have improved on. Also being able to articulate existing knowledge was a skills of great importance.”

    Aakrit Singhal, Podar International School, Mumbai, IGCSE Extended Math, 2020

    “I thought I had picked a very complicated RQ but once I had finished writing my essay I felt accomplished and proud . I’ve learned to take effective notes, think critically, research well, structure an essay effectively, document my process, reflect on it, and communicate better with my peers and teachers.”

    Ananya Mukerji, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, IGCSE, 2020

    “Thank you so much for teaching the course, Mrs. Chrisann from you giving real life examples to giving us detailed explanations of CAS and TOK and reflections, this course was incredibly enjoyable. Reflections were always very hard for me but now I have enough information and access to templates to better my reflective writing.”

    Neel Maheshwari, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, IGCSE, 2020

    “I think that understanding what everything was and learning more about how to analyse and write critically rather than telling a story was extremely useful. The course has guided me to, how to note take, difference between English writing and TOK, EE and CAS writing, evaluations sources, forming research questions, critical reading and writing and what it actually means. Mrs. Chrisann is a really good teacher and I feel like It was so easy to learn with her because she made activities fun and was very patient and understanding.”

    Aria Vazirani, American School Bombay, School based American Curriculum, 2020

    Pre-IB English

    “The course is nice to have a head start in English, it is very application based which is really good as it gives me a good base for actual school. There’s a lot of active analysis that I didn’t get to do in the ICSE. Mr. Pillow was really engaging and he made classes a lot of fun. Being online didn’t feel too tedious and I looked forward to class everyday. I loved that we got to have a lot of peer interaction and constructive discussions with each other.

    Ambica Kale, Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai, ICSE, 2020

    “IB is completely different from ICSE English. In fact, I believe that the change is so drastic that everyone needs to practice or learn the IB style of writing prior to continuing with the DP. The course allowed me to think in a different way and taught me to present a detailed analysis of literature. Ms. Wilkinson was amazing and allowed me to learn a language in a way that I had never done before. Through her unique style of teaching I learnt a LOT of new terms. All in all she clarified all my doubts and really helped me learn a subject that I despised (earlier) in a short span of 6 days.”

    Shivang Raisurana, Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai, ICSE student, 2018, now pursuing IB Diploma at Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

    “IB English Language and Literature requires analytical, original, creative and innovative skills. It encourages voicing out opinions and suggestions and it is a very interesting course to do, very different from ICSE. Surprisingly, in such a short time, I am quite confident about Paper 1 of the course. I think all the practice with the big 5 and PEEPIE have really helped. (Ms. Wilkinson) is great! She really knows what she’s doing, and this course would be absolutely incomplete without her. I’m more creative, more open thinking about texts, and I’m very excited to start IB English!”

    Varshika Prasanna, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, ICSE student, 2018, currently studying Math Majors at New York University.

    Pre-IB Spanish

    “The course was very helpful to assess my learnings in Spanish. I learned well about the structure and syllabus of IB Spanish and the topics that will be covered in the curriculum. The oral presentations were really fun and I enjoyed presenting, even listening to Spanish songs to improve my vocabulary was a really interesting way to learn. Mr Mansur helped me to improve my confidence and his feedback was very valuable.”

    Marko Vucinic, American School of Bombay, Mumbai, MYP student, 2020

    “My confidence in spanish has greatly increased, and I am amazed at how much I have learnt. For someone with no prior experience in Spanish, this course is a great introduction to the language itself. The different ways of teaching from the instructor provided a holistic learning experience. Mr. Mansur is very friendly and receptive to your level of spanish. This allows a constructive progression in your confidence.”

    Yash Kothari, Dhirubhai Ambani International School (DAIS), Mumbai, ICSE, 2020