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Date: 20th January 2024, Saturday,

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Join the league of IB Math HL champions – your triumph in the IBDP awaits!

Join our FREE, one-of-a-kind IB Math HL Paper 3 Masterclass and elevate your IB knowledge and problem-solving prowess guided by CourseLeap’s distinguished experts – Founder and Chief Instructor, Yogesh Dhingra and Instructor Vibhu Sachedeva. Embark on a dynamic journey where insider insights and professional tips await you, tailored specifically to conquer the rigorous assessment pattern of IB Math HL Paper 3.

Leaders in IB Mathematics: Empowering students with unparalleled expertise in IB curriculum since our inception, guiding them to achieve top predicted grades and mastery in the final IB exams.

  • 90% of our IB students soar to impressive scores of 6 and above.
  • 70% of our students clinch the highest honour with a perfect score of 7.

Key Takeaways:

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    Our Panel Members

    Yogesh Dhingra

    Yogesh Dhingra, CourseLeap's founder, academic advisor, and chief instructor, has over 30 years of experience in the international, national curricula as well as educational services. She is the Founding Member, Former Head of the Mathematics Department and Academic Director of Dhirubhai Ambani International School (DAIS), Mumbai. She led the department for more than a decade, consistently known for world averages and toppers for IGCSE and IB Math. Yogesh actively conducts student and teacher sessions on Extended Essays, Math Exploration, and personally spearheads intellectual initiatives for research work in Math. She is also a workshop Leader for IB Diploma Math Math AA (Analysis and Approaches) and Math Al (Applications and Interpretation) in Asia Pacific Region and as a consultant to schools, she specialises in mentoring schools a designing curriculum, strengthening their standards for IB and CIS evaluation and accreditation. She has two Masters degrees, one in Education from the University of Bath, UK, with specialisation in Educational Leadership and Management and the other in Mathematics from Delhi University. In addition, she holds Bachelor's degrees in Physics(Hons.) and Education from Delhi University

    Vibhu Sachdeva

    Vibhu Sachdeva: Vibhu Sachdeva, a Mathematics expert with a Bachelor's from Jesus and Mary College and a Master's from St. Stephen's College, Delhi University, excels in guiding IB students. Her forte lies in Pre-IB preparation, personalised IB tutorials, comprehensive IB exam revision courses and IB Math research work. She offers invaluable support in Math Internal Assessments (IAs) and Extended Essays (EEs), leveraging her expertise in Abstract Algebra, Differential Equations, and Graph Theory. Vibhu's dedication to academic excellence, showcased through national-level exams like JAM and GATE, reinforces her strong mathematical foundation. She has been a key instructor at CourseLeap, continually helping inspiring students in their IB mathematical journey.

    Who is This For:

    *Students about to enter IBDP for HL Math as well as parents can join this session to get a better understanding of the curriculum and understand the IB Math HL assessment structure.

    CL Math Vision

    CourseLeap Math (CLM) is dedicated to accelerating students’ mathematical abilities and maximising their learning potential through comprehensive courses and robust teaching methodologies. 

    Our IB Math courses are designed to prioritise critical thinking and mastery of advanced mathematical strategies. Our structured and well-paced tutoring as well as our continuous rigorous assessment, aim to help students develop confidence and a well-rounded academic approach focussing on thorough conceptual knowledge. Each of our courses are module-based that have clearly defined objectives and learning outcomes mapped to relevant school programs, while our consolidated approach to learning encourages higher-level thinking skills and academic growth.  With a significant emphasis on student achievement, each course is tailored to the students’ needs, helping them overcome the demanding challenges presented by this robust curriculum.


    Our Masterclass will help you learn the art of effective problem-solving strategies required for Paper 3. Particularly, it will help gain insights into the exploratory and inquiry-based nature of the problems. Our expert instructors will share effective exam strategies, intricate problem-solving tips, and insights on the nature of responses and the mark schemes. Join the Masterclass to boost your chances of success in IBDP Math HL course.

    Yes, students of grade 11 and 12 of AA and AI will gain invaluable insights from this masterclass. The question taken up for the problem-solving session would be part of the common content for AA and AI.

    A review of trigonometry, more specifically, trigonometric modelling would be encouraged.

    The session aims to equip students and mentors with valuable tools, insights and strategies that can contribute to an improved understanding and therefore the performance in paper 3. 

    CourseLeap offers short-term and full-term IB tutoring, exam revision courses providing overall guidance in Paper 1, 2 and 3. With our structured, organised and planned approach, we aim for excellence.


    Hear our student Rhea Bhasin, share her experience of the Grade 12 Math AA HLIB Exam Revision courses she enrolled with us. Rhea worked hard to achieve her first term predicted grade and matched that energy with great success in her final exam to meet her conditional offer at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE). CourseLeap is immensely proud of her achievements and is confident that with her learnings she is ready for the rigour of the LSE programme.

    Hear our student, Shiv Karnani, share his experience. His journey with CourseLeap began with our Pre-IB Summer courses, setting a strong foundation for his IB studies. Throughout Grade 11 and 12, he continued to thrive with our Maths AA HL course and personalised IB tutoring, enhancing his subject understanding and achieving remarkable grades. Shiv’s efforts resulted in him achieving a stellar admission to the University of Pennsylvania.

    Discover how IB Math can shape your academic journey and why it’s considered one of the most challenging curricula worldwide. Gain insights into prerequisites, Pre-IB math courses, and how CourseLeap’s tailored programs can help you excel in IB Math.

    Embark on this IB Math HL Paper 3 Masterclass with us! Turn your challenges into triumphs!

    Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to supercharge your problem-solving skills and boost your chances of acing the final IB Math Exam! Secure your spot today. 

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