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CourseLeap Consult aims to provide unique solutions for educational institutions to develop and deliver effective curricula based on successfully proven and empirical methods

CourseLeap Math aims to accelerate students’ mathematical abilities and maximise learning potential through quality courses and robust teaching principles.

CourseLeap Plus aims to ensure that students are fully prepared for success in upper secondary and beyond, through the acquisition of rigorous academic, language and technical skills.



Mrs. Yogesh Dhingra is the founder of CourseLeap Education, an organisation, established in June 2016 that offers unique tailored solutions to schools and students to achieve excellence through the application of strong academic principles and practices. She conceptualizes and  develops intellectually stimulating programs to fulfil their academic potential. 

Yogesh has over 30 years of experience in the international, national curricula as well as educational services. She is the former Head of the Mathematics Department and Academic Director at Dhirubhai Ambani International School (DAIS), Mumbai. As Founding Member of DAIS, she was instrumental in establishing and managing its International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and International General Certificate Of Secondary Education. She has two Masters degrees, one in Education from the University of Bath, UK, with specialisation in Educational Leadership and Management and the other in Mathematicsfrom Delhi University. She also holds Bachelor’s degrees in Physics(Hons.) and Education from Delhi University.

Yogesh is also a workshop Leader for IB Diploma Higher Level Math in Asia Pacific Region and specializes in mentoring schools in designing curriculum, strengthening their standards for IB and CIS evaluation and accreditation.


Our vision is to empower students and institutions to achieve excellence through the application of strong academic principles and practices within various international curricula. Our vastly experienced faculty delivers resourceful and contextualized content, valuable skills, and evokes a holistic learning process.


Pioneers - in bridging, academic enrichment and elevation programmes since 2016

The first organisation of its kind in India to launch bridging and academic elevation courses for the international curriculum such as Pre-IBDP, International Math Competitions (AMC & CEMC Exam Prep) and HSA and Pre- University Courses.

Experienced Faculty

Our teachers are strongly international in perspective and highly established masters of their profession. They understand the science behind international programs and conceptualize, design and deliver intellectually stimulating courses that are compliant with IB and Cambridge practices.

Providing a head start and building abilities to achieve top results

We prepare high school students for a top academic profile and get them ready with expectations for admissions to top international universities.

Inspire students to achieve the highest academic standards

Providing an immersive learning environment and an intensive subject course deepens the level of learning and embeds the content more meaningfully.

Personalized approach catered to the individual needs of our students

A supportive and inclusive environment with systematic teaching and learning, constant review, persistent problem solving and quality feedback.

High Quality International benchmarked virtual classrooms

We offer high quality learning coupled with smart adaptive technology that integrates premium resources, facilitates easy access and amplifies learning.

Bespoke services to support schools

Deliver effective international programmes both skills and transitionary. Courses designed to inspire in students the highest academic standards and habits of learning.


From March 2020, all of our courses are taught online. Our faculty has worked hard to research smart adaptive technology that, together with integrated premium resources, facilitates both easy access, and high quality learning. This ensures our teaching and learning principles remain excellent, whether it be online or face-to-face. 

We have a successful record of high student engagement in a well- organised virtual learning environment, which promotes both individual, and peer learning. The ease of organizing virtual classes helps us have structured doubt clarification sessions as a part of the curriculum. Our learning management system provides constant student tracking, feedback and communication with parents. Our parents are very happy with regular and timely communication with our students, and we have seen an increase in demand for our courses and student numbers from both within India and abroad.


CourseLeap is the first organisation of its kind in India to launch bridging courses such as the Pre-IB Programmes
for students before entry into the IBDP and International Math Competitions such as AMC and CEMC Exam Prep.

Pre-IB Programmes

Our Pre-IBDP Course is held in the summer between Grade 10 and prior to the start of the IBDP, utilizes a portion of the relaxed summer months, and prepares students in advance, with a head start and with a target for performance when the school opens. Our Pre-IB courses have been designed in a manner that is valued by all students having studied diverse curricula up to Grade 10. We offer Pre-IB Courses in Math (Higher and Standard Level) , Introduction to IB Core, English: Language and (Literature), Spanish and French, Computer Science and Economics.

International Math Competitions: Prep Courses

Our Competitive Math Exam Prep courses are popular among students with a desire to acquire advanced thinking opportunities beyond school math. This course has been designed keeping in mind the rigorous demands of these prestigious international competitions: American Math Competitions (AMC), The Centre For Education in Mathematics & Computing, University of Waterloo (CEMC)



CourseLeap Math

Course Categories

(Summer before Grade 11)

(Summer before Grade 12)

(Grade 11-12)

(Grade 9-12)

(Grade 11 -12)

(Grade 7 – 12)


(After Grade 12)

Calculus 1-2/ Calculus 3-Multivariable Calculus,
AP Calculus AB/BC

(Grade 9 – Pre University)

AP Calculus AB/BC

Data Analytics and Math Application with Microsoft Excel (Level 2)

(Grade 7-10)

Math: Art of Problem Solving (AOP),
Data Analytics and Math Application with Microsoft Excel (Level 1 & 2)


CourseLeap Plus

Course Categories

(Summer before Grade 11)

Intro to IB Core (TOK, EE, CAS), English, Spanish & French, Computer Science, Economics 

(Grade 12)

TOK Essay and Exhibition Refresher Courses, English, Spanish & French

(Grade 11-12)

English, Spanish, French, Psychology, History

(Grade 11-12)

Psychology, TOK, English, History, French and Spanish

(Grade 11-12)

English, Spanish, French, Psychology, History

(Grade 9 – 12)

Academic Research & Writing Skills

(Grade 8-9)

Public Speaking
Information Literacy: Research & Critical Thinking


Promote Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

Specifically designed tasks that help students consolidate and reflect on their knowledge and understanding.

Encouragement of independent learning

Students take control and responsibility of their education with the determination to question, research and persevere

Collaborative & Inclusive Process

Our students thrive in immersive and dynamic academic environments alongside peers from all around the world.

Systematic Teaching and Learning

All courses offer module based teaching – systematically planned with learning outcomes and targets for achievement. Students acquire objectivity, clarity and flexibility of thought, cues for memory and noting patterns of errors, precision in expression, and the persistence to excel.

Supportive and Personalized in approach

Teaching is tailored to a student’s particular needs and abilities. There is a focus on personalized mentoring to help students excel

Structured Doubt Clarification

Time tabled sessions following every class are a part of our curriculum.

Persistence to Improvise & excel to ultimately improve results

Extensive feedback through the right kind of practice that introduces students to criterion based marking and teaches them to utilize feedback effectively

International in Perspective

Increase students’ awareness of the global community of scholars to which they belong and potential rewards of study and work elsewhere in the global community


Navroji Billimoria

Deputy Head of B D Somani International School, Mumbai, alumnus of U. Penn and pursuing masters in education at Harvard, IB Higher level Math training, 2014 & 2017

Mrs. Dhingra really taught all of us really well. Her love for math and education, her attention to detail, and her ability to make us think for ourselves, often from more than one angle, have made this course so unique. Making us investigate every single thing, giving us questions from our own questions and reading out philosophical passages, constantly keeping us satisfied and not satiated at the same time (PARADOX) with food for thought, were some of the highlights of Mrs. Dhingra’s value add in the course. The Tutorials gave me confidence, clarity and creativity.
Confidence- The ability to work out problems on my own.
Clarity- The clear stream of reasoning and strategy to solve problems.
Creativity- Learning how the same questions had various solutions, from answers of my peers.

Siddharth Sanghi

CL course - Pre- IB Math, Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, 2017, ICSE Student, currently majoring in Applied Math and and Minoring in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University

Writing the Math IA is an extremely tedious procedure as one needs to have a balance of math and writing. Initially I came to CourseLeap with an idea that I had formulated for my IA, and was extremely confused about how to carry forward that idea. However, one session with Ms. Dhingra cleared everything up. She helped me narrow down my research topic to one that implemented my combined interest in math and Art by exposing me to previous explorations, new research papers and her own ideas. After the first session, I had already formulated a structure for my exploration and was clear about how to go about writing it. I used this structure to write the first part of my exploration and then got extensive feedback for it from CourseLeap. Throughout the process, Ms. Dhingra guided me using the criteria and rubric provided by IB. This helped me write an exploration that was effective, coherent and interesting. As a design student I wanted to research into the combination of Math and design and because my research was connected to this, I enjoyed the entire process.

Eesha Agrawal

CL- Course - Research-Based Course Guidance for the Math Exploration Standard Level Math student, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, IB Diploma student, 2018, currently studying at University of Chicago

The sessions with Ms Dhingra were essential for my successful attempt at math HL in the IB programme. The comprehensive, in detailed classes allowed me to comprehend each topic in its entirety and also allowed me to appreciate the practical application of each concept. Moreover, the abundant resources at Ms Dhingra’s disposal encouraged me to regularly practice complex problems and hence be in the best possible place to tackle the math HL paper. The personal attention received during every class is something very rare and is extremely important for fruitful learning. Hence, I believe Ms Dhingra’s classes have been very beneficial for me and I feel that she has helped fuel my passion for math even further.

Aman Gupta

CL- Course - Personalized Tutorials for IB Higher Level Math Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, 2017 - Scored perfect score of 45 points, currently studying at Cornell University

This course marked a major change in the way I looked at Math after studying the ICSE curriculum. I applied concepts learnt in class to real life situations, visualised formulae on graph, used the GDC extensively, which was rather baffling and skills required for success in IB. Not only did I learn several new concepts but also had a lot of fun.

Tanvi Kapoor

CL Course - Pre-IB Math, Arya Vidya Mandir school topper, Mumbai, 2017, ICSE, currently studying at Cornell University

Ms Dhingra helps keep our attention, makes the course content very interesting, helps us to understand difficult concepts and teach new ways to look at the same problem. IB is more in depth, more difficult, a lot more applications and “exploration” type stuff. The course was very helpful to cement the skills learned in class and helped me develop a good work ethic. The quizzes made the breaks interesting, helped us build thinking and application skills and probing skills to help with explorations. I’d like such courses before exams too…

Devika Madgavkar

CL course - Pre- IB Math, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, 2018, former IGCSE Additional Math and Higher Level IB Diploma Math student, currently studying at Stanford University

I gained confidence with the IB topics, and was able to understand more in-depth concepts. Being a student coming from the additional math course, I was surprised to find that in spite of knowing basics from some of the topics that we were learning about, we went extremely in-depth in each topic, and went beyond the additional math portion.

Riya Sankhe

CL course - Pre- IB Math, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, 2017, former IGCSE Additional Math and Higher Level IB Diploma Math student, currently studying at Stanford University

Mrs Dhingra has a thorough knowledge of the content and knows what is to be done how and when! The coursework helped me to understand what I knew and did not know and helped clarify my concepts. As a result, I know what to expect from IB Math and it helped to build the skills required to tackle it.

Dhrumee Shah

CL Course - Pre- IB Math, Personalised Tutorial and Extended Essay in Maths, Jamnabai Narsee School topper, Mumbai, 2017, ICSE, currently majoring in Math and International Relations at Pomona College, USA.

In the AMC-8 Prep Course we learnt new techniques and methods to solve problems efficiently and well. What I liked best about the course was how interactive it was. I never had a single doubt unanswered and I think that is what made it unique. The homework was always enough and well-compiled.

Abhimanyu Singh

CL Course - AMC 8, Oberoi International School, Mumbai, 2020, currently studying in Grade 7 - MYP student

CourseLeap has been one of my best academic experiences. It has improved not only my math but also my analytical and logical thinking skills. The course prepares you to take not only the AMC but equips you to participate in other competitive examinations as well. I highly recommend it for its hands on teaching and immense focus on building concepts.

Shiv Kampani

CL Courses - AMC 10 & 12 for 2018-2020, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, 2020, currently studying IB Diploma Higher Level Math

Both the art of problem solving course and the AMC courses are essential for anyone who wants to take the AMC. All of the content is covered in a way that is engaging, understandable and can make anyone interested in math. A big thanks to Courseleap for the super helpful AMC courses!

Anamika Changrani-Rastogi

CL courses - Math AOP (Art of Problem Solving 2019, AMC-10, Year 2019- 2021, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Currently studying in Grade 9 - Additional Math IGCSE student

The course was very well organized and the classes were well executed. The concepts and skills I learnt here are transferable to various fields like Physics and Computer Science and Problem Solving in general.

Riyaan Bakhda

CL Course - AMC courses, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, 2017-18, IB Higher Level Math student, currently studying Computer Science & Maths at the University of Columbia from 2020

The AMC-12 Course introduced more challenging questions than school math and taught me problem-solving techniques that I have not and probably will not learn in school. The support and follow up was excellent and ensured that I did my homework and stayed on track.

Aarushi Majumder

CL Courses - Pre-IB Math, SAT, History and AMC-12, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, 2017- 18, Higher Level IB Math student, Aarushi is a peer mentor to our students at CourseLeap and has been studying at Stanford University since September 2019.


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