Empowering Students To Achieve Academic Excellence

80% students with top grade of 7 in the IBDP | Top percentile rankings for 25 + students in international math olympiads | Students securing successful admission into Ivy league and universities of their first choice.

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Personalised Online Tutoring

Highly qualified teaching and tutoring staff with immense experience in international education, specialising in IB, MYP, IGCSE & A-Levels.

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International Math Olympiads

Pioneers for International Math Competitions with a record of students finishing in the top percentiles in the world (AMC, AIME, CEMC & Asian Math Olympiads).

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Pre-IB Summer Programme

Providing a headstart for grade 10 students heading towards IBDP Grade 11. Our pioneering programme aims to support students who are aspiring to achieve top results.

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Advanced Placement (AP)

Master the AP subjects and take on college-level challenges to gain an edge in the university application process. Our rigorous courses are geared towards students’ acquisition of college- credit for admission in top universities..

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CourseLeap Consult

Courseleap Consult aims to provide unique solutions for educational institutions to develop and deliver effective international curricula (IB, IGCSE, AP, etc) based on successfully proven and empirical methods.

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Who We Are

CourseLeap Education was established in June 2016 by Mrs. Yogesh Dhingra, a passionate and highly experienced educator with over 30 years of expertise in international and national curricula. Our academic team with decades of combined experience, are on a mission to empower students and institutions to create their own success stories.

CourseLeap offers tailored educational solutions for students via CourseLeap Maths (CLM) and CourseLeap Plus (CLP), while also providing customised solutions through CourseLeap Consult (CLC) for schools.


Pioneers for bridging: Pre-IB, IB, IGCSE & International Math Olympiad since 2016

CourseLeap Vision

Our vision is to empower students and institutions to achieve excellence through the application of strong academic principles and practices within various international curricula. Our vastly experienced faculty delivers resourceful and contextualised content, valuable skills, and evokes a holistic learning process.

  • One Stop Solution for developing the skills and confidence to tackle various international curricula.
  • Improves likelihood of a successful admission into the top universities in the world.

At CourseLeap we achieve this through our three verticals:


CourseLeap Math (CLM) accelerates students’ math abilities through comprehensive courses and robust teaching methods, fostering excellence and confidence in tackling complex concepts. Our courses prioritise problem-solving heuristics using graphical, analytical, and technological simulations. Our team comprises accomplished professionals experienced in IB exams, workshops, and international olympiads. With a focus on skill development and critical thinking, we empower students to excel in global problem-solving standards. Catering to diverse curricula, including IBDP, MYP, IGCSE, A-Levels, and more, our theme-based modules encourage engagement and understanding for students worldwide.

CourseLeap Plus (CLP) prepares students for success in upper secondary and beyond by equipping them with rigorous academic, language, and technical skills. Our team consists of highly accomplished professionals, including IB examiners, workshop leaders, and expert practitioners.Specialising in multi-disciplinary courses, CLP focuses on acquiring relevant academic skills and fostering scholarship and critical thinking. We encourage students to view learning as a continuous journey, promoting intellectual rigour and academic integrity. Our holistic approach ensures students are well-prepared for both high school and prestigious universities worldwide. We cater to diverse international curricula such as IBDP, MYP, IGCSE, A-Levels, Advanced Placement, and other bespoke programs.

CourseLeap Consult offers unique solutions for educational institutions, addressing skill gaps through bridging programs. We develop effective curricula and enhance teaching systems for administrators and leadership teams, promoting continuous improvement and academic excellence.

Flagship Courses

CourseLeap is the first organisation of its kind in India to launch bridging courses such as the Pre-IB Programmes for students before entry into the IBDP, International Math Competitions such as AMC and CEMC Exam Prep and Personalised Tutorials.

Personalised Online Tutoring

We offer personalised one-on-one learning plans, to cater to students’ study goals for subjects in the IBDP, MYP, IGCSE & A-Levels, with experienced faculty providing engaging, immersive and intensive teaching in customised programs for full-term or short-term durations, in order for students to achieve a high predicted grade and meet university conditional offers.
(exam based and revision courses)

International Math Olympiads

Our Flagship courses help prepare students for International Math Olympiads and have been designed with the rigorous demands of these prestigious contests in mind. Students will learn through a module-based approach that will cover relevant theories, effective problem solving strategies and topic coverage for these examinations.

Pre-IB Summer Programme

Students can utilise a part of their relaxed summer months after Grade 10 to prepare for their IBDP journey in a holistic and robust manner. Inculcating the right expectations and skills at an early stage, provides students with a head start in the first semester of the IBDP to avoid stress and target exceptional performance when school opens.
(we do other headstart and accelerating courses…)

We also offer Headstart & Accelerating Courses for grades 11 & 12, Expert Academic Tutoring & Exam Prep Courses for grades 8-12 and Bridge & Booster programmes for students from grade 6 onwards.

Personalised Academic Guidance

We provide personalised academic course guidance for students looking to excel in their further studies, while considering their abilities, interests, and career inclinations.

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CourseLeap Edge

Experience an innovative approach to education where pedagogical expertise meets student-centred support. Our collaborative learning environment cultivates a passion for both teaching and learning, with teachers as dedicated companions on the educational journey. Through engaging, effective, and personalised learning experiences, we equip our students with the skills they need to thrive academically and professionally. Join us in our mission to empower students and institutions, utilising strong academic principles and practices across various international curricula for sustained achievement.

CourseLeap Student Achievements

We are committed to inspiring students to achieve the highest academic standards, leading to admissions in top international universities. Since 2016, our students have secured Distinctions, Distinguished Honor Roll awards, bagged excellent school and top international percentile rankings and regional ranks through the years. Here we share the excellent results of last year:

International Math Olympiads

IB Results


This course has made me better at solving problems that require a higher level of mathematical conceptual understanding. I think the module quality was very good and the team was very responsive to the feedback I gave them. The integration of more problem solving and mock test series was really helpful in this program. I was also able to get more clarity in geometric concepts.

Nikhil Pande

Oberoi International School, Mumbai, Grade 10, MYP, CEMC, Asian Math Olympiads, 2023, achieved Distinguished Honor Roll in the Cayley exam, achieved gold, silver, and bronze medals in the South East Asian Math Competition (SEAMC)

The experience of the teachers in regard to the curriculum, I took classes to prepare for my IGCSE boards in 2023, it has boosted my confidence by a mile as I now have a much clearer understanding of concepts, and my performance seems to be much better. My instructor was very well versed in the subject. Mr. George has had a lot of experience, easily able to identify the problems I had with the subject and draft a unique way to help me understand the concepts better, he was able to adapt himself very quickly to my preferred style of studying, this was extremely helpful.

Vivaan Gupta

IGCSE, French, The International School Bangalore, IGCSE & A-Levels Personalised Online Tutoring, 2023

The sessions with Ms Dhingra were essential for my successful attempt at math HL in the IB programme. The comprehensive, detailed classes allowed me to comprehend each topic in its entirety and also allowed me to appreciate the practical application of each concept. Moreover, the abundant resources at Ms Dhingra’s disposal encouraged me to regularly practice complex problems and hence be in the best possible place to tackle the math HL paper. The personal attention received during every class is something very rare and is extremely important for fruitful learning. Hence, I believe Ms Dhingra’s classes have been very beneficial for me and I feel that she has helped fuel my passion for math even further.

Aman Gupta

Aman Gupta, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, scored perfect score of 45 points, Cornell University, 2018

This course helped me feel prepared about the different topics that would be covered in IBDP English, and allowed me to further prepare in the summer. IBDP requires a more detailed analysis and more importance is placed on global issues than in MYP. Mr. Nick, our instructor, is funny and able to command attention from all the participants, but is also trustworthy and serious when it comes to topics and answers questions with an ease. This has definitely improved my skills in analysing.

Lehar Goenka

Oberoi International School, Mumbai, MYP, Pre-IB English 2022

The AMC-12 course has helped me overcome some of my flaws not only in math, but also in life like being more patient and thinking before answering. I also got to see the proofs for many stated formulae/facts that helped solve other problems. I learnt to think out of the box and get a reason for every explanation, making it easier to remember them. Different strategies taught to us for improving test- taking abilities were great.

Sannat Bhasin

JamnaBai Narsee International School, Mumbai, IBDP, AMC-12 Course Year 2017-18, pursued a degree in Computer Science at the University of Toronto

The AMC-12 course has helped me overcome some of my flaws not only in math, but also in life like being more patient and thinking before answering. I also got to see the proofs for many stated formulae/facts that helped solve other problems. I learnt to think out of the box and get a reason for every explanation, making it easier to remember them. Different strategies taught to us for improving test- taking abilities were great.

Sannat Bhasin

JamnaBai Narsee International School, Mumbai, IBDP, AMC-12 Course Year 2017-18, received distinction in the CEMC Contest of FERMAT, a silver medal at the infinity challenge at the ABWA (Aditya Birla World Academy) in the year 2019, is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the University of Toronto

I immensely enjoyed the course…It kept the topics interesting and fun to engage in. The course was very well organised, with a good breakdown and pacing of content. Would definitely recommend this.

Nikasha Parashar, Sanskriti School, Delhi, Grade 9, CBSE, AP Statistics, 2022

Sanskriti School, Delhi, Grade 9, CBSE, AP Statistics, 2022

These sessions were very good as I was able to complete the syllabus in just a few weeks.I learnt about java through these sessions. My instructor had amazing time management skills , we wasted little to no time during the classes which allowed me to complete my syllabus as fast as possible.My instructor also had a lot of knowledge about coding even if it was not related to java. The homework and assignments were very helpful as they were of the same pattern as the AP test , though they were tricky ,I learnt a lot through the assignments.

Prajot Singh

AP Computer Science A, Lotus Valley International School, 2023

I liked how it wasn’t too fast-paced for me, so I could keep up a lot better than I would be able to in a normal classroom setting, which has helped me like math more, because I am finally able to understand it. The instructor checked that I was clear on everything I’d learnt as much as she possibly could without being too repetitive, which helped me not forget the information I had learnt right at the beginning of the course.

Devanjali Srivastava

United World College of South East Asia (Dover Campus), Singapore, Grade 7, Art of Problem Solving (AOP), 2023

The instructor had thorough knowledge of the course content and introduced me to various approaches to solving questions. I felt like class time was used effectively and each session had clear objectives and learning outcomes.

Nidhi Garg

IGCSE, English Written Communication: Level 2, 2021

Google Reviews

Aadya Sachdeva
Aadya Sachdeva
January 29, 2024
i took the course amc 8, the materials given to study and leant were amazing and it was fun and easy to understand new information.
Aarush Jalan
Aarush Jalan
January 13, 2024
hello i am Aarush Jalan studying in DY Patil international school. i took part in the AMC 8 exam through course leap. it very helpful, it taught me a lot of tricks and formulas to improve my math skills. it not only helped me in AMC 8, but also improved my school maths and gave me more confidence while writing exams.
Anaisha Jindal
Anaisha Jindal
January 10, 2024
I Anaisha Jindal am an 8th grader at Modern School Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. I took the AMC 8 course at course leap, which has significantly made a great impact on my mathematical journey. From being nervous in class to answer to now getting so excited that I sometimes interrupt the teachers, it is has been quite a journey. I feel the last two months I really pulled myself together and improved quite a lot to where I am now. I would like to thank Ms Himani and Ms Kshama who have been great mentors and supported me. Their constant motivation , for example whenever I would get upset or stressed because of a low score or if I couldn't solve a question, really boosted my confidence. My mathematical thinking and insights have also improved a lot.
Ubhika Gupta
Ubhika Gupta
January 3, 2024
My son took the AMC 8 course and we were very happy wth the course it did help us in our school learning also.
Vidhman Agarwal
Vidhman Agarwal
November 16, 2023
Helped me prepare for AMC 10, had a good experience as there were a lot of new concepts to learn. Only wish the course could be done in a physical environment instead of online as I tend to learn better that way. I am Vidhman, and I study in PSG Grade 10 under the IB curriculum.
maira gracias
maira gracias
November 14, 2023
I am from The Cathdral school, Mumbai and I did the AMC 10 crash course with courseleap. I was able to learn many concepts in a short amount of time. The homework and mock tests were also helpful.
November 9, 2023
They helped me prepare for AMC 10. I had a very good experience and they taught me a lot of new concepts very well. I study in the Bombay international school, under an IGCSE curriculum
Chinar Deshpande
Chinar Deshpande
November 8, 2023
I am from Grade 11 and I took the AMC 12 Course. I found the class to be interesting, but one thing I would improve on is the teaching of the concepts. The concept videos expect you to have a good understanding of concepts such as trigonometry and complex numbers. However, since I had not studied them before, I found it difficult to catch up to the class
Abhimanyu Singh
Abhimanyu Singh
November 7, 2023
I'm Abhimanyu Singh, currently studying in Grade 10. I did the AMC 12 course and thoroughly enjoyed it. The concepts were explained extremely well and there were well-curated homeworks and mocks to solve.
Latha Kannan
Latha Kannan
November 5, 2023
I'm studying at Utpal Shanghvi School, Juhu, in grade 11. I did the AMC 12 course with Courseleap, and really liked the course structure and pace. The teachers were knowledgable and always helped solve all my doubts.

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