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Plan & Elevate Your IB Diploma Journey for top grades in IB Exams and admissions into top universities

Our milestone and success driven IB Xcel program is designed by veteran IB experts to enhance every facet of a student’s IB experience.

Pre-IB Courses for a headstart into the IBDP with foundation and IB examiner expectation understanding

Customisable, personalised IB Tutoring throughout the year geared towards IB & academic excellence.

IB subject selection assistance for alignment of subject choices with abilities, workload, and challenge

Result-Oriented IB Exam Preparation Programs that emphasise on continuous assessment and detailed feedback for impactful learning

The IB Xcel program by CourseLeap is tailored to guide and support students throughout their IBDP journey, offering strategic planning, personalised IB tutoring, targeted IB exam revision in order to provide students with a successful IB Journey to achieve their university and career goals. The program includes continuous planning and support sessions, delivered by a stellar faculty bringing over 300 years of combined experience, including IB examiners and workshop leaders.

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    Student Success

    90% of students who take our IB courses score 6 and above in the IB exam

    70% of students who take our IB courses get a top score of 7 in the IB exam

    of our Pre-IB course students enter the IBDP more confident as per the course feedback

    Course Concept

    Embark on a transformative 2-year academic journey with IB Xcel, CourseLeap Education’s innovative IB Courses  meticulously tailored for IB students. Our Planning & Support, guided by mentors with immense IB expertise, immerses students in the IB curriculum, enabling them to fulfil academic requirements while meeting their university aspirations 

    Recognising the IBDP’s demanding nature and limited time for performance enhancement, IB Xcel becomes a crucial stage-by-stage journey, where each academic milestone plays a pivotal role in shaping final success. The IBDP, as a pre-university IB Course, holds immense significance, setting the stage for a robust university life and providing a head start towards a successful career

    IB Xcel remains a guided experience , offering IB tutoring  with seasoned experts. Rigorous baseline tests, shaping individual academic goals, ensure personalised attention for each student. The program’s emphasis on predicted grades and top results in IB exams  include milestone-driven check-ins . Comprehensive guidance for Extended Essays and Internal Assessments guarantees a well-rounded academic profile.

    Striking a harmonious balance between challenge, individual abilities, career choices, and the IB scoring matrix, IB Xcel empowers students to make informed decisions about their academic journey. Emphasising mastery of IB Core requirements, the program fosters an authentic research experience, engaging students in meaningful academic exploration.

    Benefit from Pre-IB courses for an excellent head start into grade 11, personalised full-term and short-term IB tutoring, as well as targeted IB Exam Revision and Mid-IB courses. Elevate your IB experience with IB Xcel: Where Education Meets Excellence. CourseLeap Education guides students toward academic success, critical thinking skills, and confidence in the global educational landscape.

    How does it work ?

    Course Plans

    IB Courses: Planning & Support

    CourseLeap’s personalised online IB Courses: Planning & Support, led by highly qualified advisors, offers targeted sessions for planning, goal-setting, and academic success. Providing differentiated advice, our guidance includes performance evaluation and strategies to enhance predicted grades for successful university admissions. Services include:

    • IB Course Selection & Planning
    • IB Study Practices
    • Check-in: Academic Progress on the IB Core & Internal Assessments
    • Elevation of IB Diploma Math Profile and Advanced Math Options

    CourseLeap’s Top-Tier IB Tutoring

    For a Headstart into the IB (DP 1)

    Pre-IB Courses

    Post Grade 10 before Grade 11 IBDP

    These courses ease students into the IB program, bridging learning gaps and fostering exceptional performance in the first year of the IBDP. This crucial year lays the foundation for university admissions, with foreign university applications starting in the early semester of Year 12. The holistic and robust preparation offered equips students with early expectations, skills, content, understanding, and self-confidence for success in IB exams . 

    For Top-Notch and Consistent Preparation for IB Subject Assessments

    Full Term & Short Term IB Tutoring

    Grade 11 & 12 (DP 1 & 2)

    Our IB tutoring aims to build students’ confidence and a well-rounded academic approach, fostering a strong foundation in each  subject. Addressing common challenges faced by IB students, our courses provide a customised curriculum to boost performance, promote in-depth understanding of key concepts, and offer expert guidance for research-based assignments, ensuring students are ready for the IB Exams

    For Top-Notch and Consistent Preparation for IB Subject Assessments

    IB Exam Revision Courses

    Grade 11 & 12 (DP 1 & 2)

    These comprehensive sessions aim to help students secure top  predicted grades and final IB Exam scores. We focus on key concepts, critical thinking, past-paper solving and effective question comprehension. Our rigorous preparation includes personalised feedback, problem-solving techniques, and real-time exam simulations, ensuring students are well-prepared for the final IB exams and meet IB examiner expectations. 

    For support for IB Core and Research Component of the Diploma Program

    Mid-IB Courses

    Grade 11 & 12 (Mid- DP 1 & DP 2)

    Addressing the challenges of Grade 12, this course offers personalised guidance in developing effective research proposals for internally-assessed projects, a crucial component constituting 20% to 30% of the final grade. They  include short term IB tutoring for the subjects, TOK Essays and TOK Exhibitions, preparing students for success in IB Exams.  Additionally, our Summer Mid-IB courses after Grade 11 serve as a headstart for Grade 12, analysing students’ Grade 11 performance and planning a thorough, focused personalised IB Tutoring plan based on their specific needs.

    For support for IB Core and Research Component of the Diploma Program

    Guidance for Internal Assessments

    Grade 11 & 12

    Guidance for the independent construction and execution of research projects to demonstrate academic excellence which is essential for IBDP students. CourseLeap recognises the significance of academic writing, organisational skills, and research in building students’ profiles. We offer clear guidelines for Internal Assessments, encourage independent thinking, and provide personalised support to help students achieve their best work, fostering critical thinking and research skills essential for success in higher education and beyond.

    For support for IB Core and Research Component of the Diploma Program

    Guidance for Extended Essays

    First draft due in the summer of Grade 12

    Supports students in completing this 4000-word independent research project, providing step-by-step instruction and individualised feedback. The course aims to equip students with skills in formulating research questions, conducting independent research, and producing high-quality essays that meet IB Diploma Programme expectations. Emphasis is placed on developing strong research, critical thinking skills, and improving academic writing abilities.

    Customised topic wise online tutoring and mock test practice available on request

    Subject Specific IB Tutoring

    Math IB Tutoring Subjects

    • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL (AA)
    • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL (AA)
    • Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL (AI)
    • Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation HL (AI)

    Non-Math IB Tutoring Subjects

    • English A Literature HL & English A Literature SL
    • English A Language and Literature HL & English A Language and Literature SL
    • English A Literature and Performance SL
    • Spanish ab initio
    • French ab initio
    • Spanish B HL & Spanish B  SL 
    • Hindi B HL & Hindi B SL
    • French B HL & French B SL
    • Economics HL & Economics  SL 
    • Psychology HL & Psychology SL
    • History HL & History  SL
    • Geography HL & Geography  SL
    • Business Management HL & Business Management SL 
    • Global Politics HL & Global Politics SL
    • Physics HL & Physics  SL 
    • Chemistry HL & Chemistry SL
    • Biology HL & Biology  SL
    • Computer Science HL & Computer Science SL
    • Theatre HL & Theatre SL
    • Visual arts HL & Visual arts SL
    • Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
    • Extended Essay (EE)

    Why CourseLeap?

    A One-Stop Solution: for IB Tutoring, IGCSE, A Levels, Advanced Placement (AP courses), American Common Core, International Math Olympiad Exams 

    Academic Expertise: Highly-qualified teachers with immense experience in delivering international curriculum with a supportive IB tutoring and encouraging approach for independent learning to ace IB exams.

    Inspiring students to highest academic standards: Continuous performance-based student tracking on improved problem-solving, critical thinking and research skills with detailed feedback through improvisation strategies for top results 

    Personalised & Tailor-made Courses: Courses based on subject choices, need, ability, workload & mapping with baseline tests, allowing career choices for success to be offered

    Academic guidance: Provided for academic profile building for all students with an ultimate aim of admission and success in top universities

    Online Learning Platform: Implemented a world-class learning management system for IB Courses, organising our online classes, enabling IB Tutoring to personalise the learning journeys of our students in a digitised environment

    Student Speak

    Harshita Hingorani: Full term Personalised Tutorials:
    Harshita shares more about her Grade 12 IBDP experience with our full year IB courses for Math AA HL, Physics HL, Economics, English and TOK.

    Shiv Karnani: Pre-IB Courses- Summer & Full term IB Tutoring:
    Shiv started his journey with our Pre-IB Summer courses and then carried on with personalised IB tutoring through Grade 11 & 12 to further his subject understanding and grades.

    Netree Shah: Full term Personalised Tutorials:
    Netree talks about her IB Math tutoring journey through Grade 11 and 12 which helped her get the grades required for her university of choice.

    If you have more questions or are looking for other bespoke curricula, you can fill in the contact us form!

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    IB Courses: Planning & Support

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    Our Personalised IB Tutoring is for 11th and 12th graders who are pursuing their IB diploma, and aims to help them develop confidence and achieve academic excellence, through a strong foundation in each of their IBDP subjects.

    IB Exam Revision

    These courses are designed to help students review and consolidate their learning before their IB exams. Students will revise key concepts, practice exam-style questions, and develop effective study strategies. The courses are taught by experienced IB teachers who will provide targeted support and guidance to help students achieve their best possible results.


    Students can utilize a part of the relaxed summer months after Grade 10 to prepare students for their IBDP journey in a holistic and robust manner.  Inculcating the right expectations and skills at an early stage, provides students with a head start in their IBDP to avoid stress and target exceptional performance when school opens.

    Guidance for Internal Assessment

    This course is designed to guide students through the internal assessment component of the IBDP. Students will learn how to develop research questions, conduct independent research, analyze data, and present their findings. The course is taught by experienced IB teachers who will provide targeted support and feedback to help students produce high-quality internal assessments.

    Guidance for Extended Essay

    This course is designed to help students develop and write their Extended Essay, a major research project required for the IBDP. Students will learn how to choose a research question, conduct independent research, and structure and write their essay. The course is taught by experienced IB teachers who will provide targeted support and feedback to help students produce a high-quality Extended Essay.