The course is designed for students who have completed their first year of the diploma studies, allowing them to consolidate their subject knowledge and further refine the skills they will need to achieve top results.

It is especially important that candidates come to year 12 in top form since it is their performance in the first semester which provides the basis for the predicted grades supporting their university applications. 

An especially notable feature of this course is that it provides personalised guidance in developing effective research proposals for their internally-assessed projects, representing 20% to 30% of their final grade. This is a stage which is often rushed during that busy first semester of year 12, resulting in a weak proposal that causes further difficulties for students in the later research and writing stages.

*Mid-IB courses for Math, English, Spanish and French are also offered in the Summer after Grade 11 and as a headstart for Grade 12. We analyze students’ Grade 11 performance in detail and plan a very thorough and focused personalized plan based on the students specific needs.


Mid-IB Math

(Summer before Grade 12)

Mid-IB TOK: Essay Refresher Course

(Grade 12)

Available On Request

Mid-IB English
Mid-IB Spanish
Mid-IB French

Mid-IB TOK: Exhibition Refresher Course

(Grade 11)

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