Pre-IB Summer Courses

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) has earned an enviable universal reputation for its focus on critical thinking, progressive learning and rigorous assessment. It is also recognised as an ideal preparation for entry into top colleges and universities worldwide as well as preparing for life beyond formal education.

CourseLeap introduces an exciting opportunity for students before their entry into the IBDP.
Starting the IBDP with its codes, practices, demands and methodology can present a daunting challenge even for the brightest and most motivated student. It is precisely this issue that our Pre-IBDP Course

Our Pre-IB courses have been designed in a manner that is valued by all students having studied diverse curricula up to Grade 10.
The course will help students from non-IB board streams to move seamlessly into IBDP by bridging the gap between different modes of teaching. It is equally beneficial for students who have previously studied within the IB curriculum since the IB is a pre- university course and has its own rigour of content, contains significant detail and commands a superior skill set.

Sessions will be tailored to suit both Standard Level and Higher Level students, with the latter being taught the skills of comparison necessary for the HL papers. It will provide an excellent foundation for the start of the IBDP. The Programme delivers the best use of IB- compliant Practices in content, teaching styles and techniques and results in significantly higher chances of achieving top results at school.

Our Pre-IBDP Course is held in the summer, between Grade 10 and beginning the IBDP. It utilizes a portion of the relaxed summer months to impart a robust foundation in a non-stressful manner. Inculcating the right expectations early on and preparing in advance provides students with a head start in their IBDP education – with content, understanding, self-confidence and the ability to cope when the IBDP starts.

Focusing on the areas we have noticed to be most essential – we have been running our flagship courses since 2016.

Pre-IB Math

(Summer before Grade 11)

Pre-IB Introduction To The IB Core (TOK,EE,CAS)

(Summer before Grade 11)

Pre-IB English Course

(Summer before Grade 11)

Pre-IB Spanish Ab Initio

(Summer before Grade 11)

On further requests from students new Pre- IB Courses scheduled to launch this summer are:



Students are introduced to the IB’s methods and practices, some of which may be very different from those to which they are used to. Students will also have knowledge of required work ethics, and gain transferable skills like effective note taking, systemized mathematical thinking, and content consolidation, which are key to being successful in the two year IB program.

The Pre-IB course Lays a foundation skill set of Learning “how to Learn” not just ‘what to Learn’. Students will develop an ability and an attitude to cope independently with subjects at school. While the course covers first term content, it particularly focuses on skill development and does not replace the need to constantly practice through the year. There are a number of courses that are available at CourseLeap all year round along with tutorial hours for the student to benefit from.

The IBDP is a challenging and rigorous programme and addresses the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being of students. It has unique assessments ranging from oral presentations and written exams, to challenging essays of up to 4000 words. Traditional courses, both national and international, may not fully equip the student with developed and varied skill sets required to be a successful Diploma candidate. CourseLeap courses attempt to bridge the gap, making it easier for students to transition from any curriculum to that of the IB.

Learning is a continuous process and to facilitate that, learning will continue beyond class work with 1-2 tasks or activities, thus setting the stage for content and skills to be developed in the session that follows. “Homework” will be relevant and supported by clear instructions, as well as advice on independent self-study.

The current ratio is 2:12 – one lead instructor and an assistant is allocated to every 12 learners.

Assessment procedures will measure the extent to which learners have mastered the academic skills outlined for every module or session. As well as constant feedback through discussion and group work, students will also receive formal assessment of their work when the course concludes. This includes feedback on written assignments, essays, oral presentations and commentary, mini projects, etc.  In addition, students will conduct peer assessments on the work of other students, so they develop a purposeful understanding of the skills they are learning.

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