Guidance for Internal Assessment and Extended Essay (Grade 11 and Grade 12)

Showing academic excellence through a research essay or project has become a necessary expectation today for high schoolers. Research in the discipline area of a student’s choice helps them demonstrate higher order critical thinking skills, independent learning and applying problem solving techniques. It also allows students to position themselves well in university applications.

Highly competitive universities value evidence of a student’s passion for their subject. The benefits of these skills are recognized when they progress to university and the workplace, and are expected to be able to manage their workloads and competing priorities.

Courseleap identifies academic writing skills and research as an important aspect of building students academic profile. Through various programmes courses, we devise tasks and strategies that help students to:

  • Identify a suitable research topic
  • Devise, justify and develop an appropriate research question
  • Carry out the research, using appropriate research methods
  • Follow  appropriate academic conventions for writing 

Our master teachers are researchers themselves and have a long experience of working in international programmes. They help students develop skills for their IB research tasks, for example the Internal Assessments and Extended Essays and lend advice on how to  address the criteria for these tasks effectively. 

* The CourseLeap faculty prides itself on promoting high standards of academic honesty. 

* As part of our school consulting services, we also run workshops for schools guiding teachers on how to support their students in the self-led component of their research assessments. 


Mastering Math Exploration (Internal Assessment)

Internal Assessment in each subject in the IB Diploma Programme gives students an opportunity for in-depth inquiry into a focused topic intended to promote high-level research and writing skills, intellectual discovery and creativity.

Extended Essay Guidance

The extended essay is an in-depth study of a focused topic chosen from the list of available Diploma Programme subjects.  It gives students an opportunity to conduct independent research or investigation on a topic that interests them, encouraging them to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the subject chosen and assessing their ability to communicate their findings in a specific way as required for an academic paper. 

*Teachers at school do provide feedback on assessments like the Extended Essay and Internal Assessment. CourseLeap offers guidance within permissible ethical guidelines laid out by the IB.

* All Guidance for Internal Assessment and Extended Essay courses are available on request.

* Students of  A-levels can also approach us for their IPQ (International Project Qualification) 


Guidance for Internal Assessment and Extended Essay - Research based Math Courses

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Mastering Internal Assessment and Extended Essay for:

English, Psychology, History, Economics

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