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CourseLeap’s personalised online IB Courses: Planning & Support comprises timely sessions and interventions designed to assist students in planning, goal-setting, exploring diverse options, and ultimately excelling in the IB and achieving their academic aspirations. These services provide a significant advantage to students by maximising their potential and securing admissions to top universities of their choice. We then provide guidance  to help students evaluate their performance and plan on effectively boosting their predicted grades to meet their university admissions goals.

Led by highly qualified further education advisors, CourseLeap’s advisory  services offer exceptional support and personalised guidance for academic success, enabling differentiated and case by case advice.

Through our IB courses and guidance services, expert IB mentors will determine student’s strengths and weaknesses, mapping each students’ individual goals and abilities, to create a thorough, customised action plan. The sessions also offer flexibility to students to choose their schedules as per their availability and time zones.

With CourseLeap, students have excelled in high school and continued their transformative journey with confidence at the university level.

Our personalised action plans align with students’ unique needs and goals for their two-year IB Diploma Programme and further academic choices. Our immersive IB courses and insightful Academic Guidance services are led by exceptional faculty, highly experienced in cultivating stellar academic performances.

Benefit from IB courses: Planning & Support with highly qualified mentors who have immense expertise in the IBDP, Academic Guidance & Tertiary Education

  • Gain step-by-step guidance to identify the ideal IB subject combination, balancing challenge, abilities, career choices, and the IB scoring matrix.

  • Fulfil IB Core requirements through strategic selection of optimal CAS projects and selecting an extended essay topic aligned with your passions and abilities, ensuring an authentic research paper.

  • Benefit from IB study practices, tools to manage multistage work deadlines, comprehensive notes, formula sheets, and techniques for effective study habits.

  • Maximise success in the final IB Exam with our attentive IB courses, guidance and support to secure admission in top global universities.

IB Success

Proven track record of exceptional IB results over their two-year journey through our IB courses and support

90% of students who take our IB courses score 6 and above in the IB exam

70% of students who take our IB courses get a top score of 7 in the IB exam

100 % of our students feel more confident transitioning into higher education

Common challenges faced by IBDP students and CourseLeap’s Solutions

Challenge 1: Difficulty in choosing IB subjects to create a good combination to maximise the final IB Exam score.

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Solution 1: Our personalised IB courses and academic mentoring evaluates student specific needs, interests and abilities to align them with suitable subject choices. The sessions are designed to optimise their subject combinations for suitable challenge, interest, ability and  IB scores. Our Pre- IB course support provides a confident headstart into the IB programme, by equipping students with tools, techniques and strategies to master content depth, meet deadlines, and uphold work quality, ensuring a successful start to their IB Diploma. 

Challenge 2: Difficulty in consistently tracking academic progress.

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Solution 2: Our guided milestones ensure students consistently meet IB requirements for top predicted grades and conditional offers. As students navigate the challenging IB curriculum, our Mid-IB and IB Exam Revision courses provide targeted support in late 11th and 12th grade. These courses aid in tracking their progress and refining their skills for success in the rigorous IB exams, ensuring sustained academic excellence. 

Challenge 3: Effectively managing time to meet the IB’s rigorous demands

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Solution 3: Managing time amidst converging deadlines and numerous drafts can be tricky. Our guidance and mentoring play a pivotal role in addressing this issue. For Pre-IB students entering the 11th grade, our courses offer a head start, optimising their summer preparation for the demanding IB program. Additionally, our IB Tutoring for 11th and 12th grade helps them master foundations, track grades, avoid late submissions and manage time effectively.

Challenge 4: Navigating the extensive IB research component.

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Solution 4: We offer support for Internal Assessments (IA), Extended Essays (EE), and Theory of Knowledge (TOK), ensuring students excel in these components. Our guidance focuses on assisting students in selecting IA, & EE research subjects  aligned with their interests, ensuring the creation of authentic work while upholding academic integrity. 

Our Stellar Faculty

Kalpana Balan

Kalpana Balan-Seitz


Yogesh Dhingra

How does it work ?

9th and 10th grades mark the beginning of our support journey through Pre-IB courses, ensuring a seamless transition into the IB curriculum for self-managed and independent learners.

What services we offer:

These sessions are meticulously crafted to assist students in choosing the most appropriate IB subjects aligned with their interests, strengths, and future aspirations. We provide tailored guidance on both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) options within each subject, ensuring a balanced course load that fulfils IB requirements while aligning with students’ academic goals. Students receive advice correlated with further education and career pathways to make informed decisions.

Who is it for?Duration
Grade 10 entering IB (Pre-IB)60 minutes

The IB Study Practices sessions encompass essential strategies for effective time management, study techniques, and resources vital for excelling in the challenging IB program. Students gain insights into maintaining a healthy work-life balance, managing stress, and nurturing their mental and physical well-being. These sessions aim to equip students with the tools needed to succeed in their IB studies through the proper tools, techniques, technology and methodology.

Who is it for?Duration
Pre-IB, 11th & 12th grade IB students60 minutes

This program involves continuous support and guidance throughout the two-year IB Diploma Programme. We assist students in managing IB requirements, including Internal Assessments, Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Exhibition & Essays, and the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) component. Students learn to evaluate their performance and set achievable goals while receiving comprehensive assistance in their IB journey.

When?How long?
Summer before grade 11 60 minutes
End of 1st semester/Start of 2nd semester of grade 11 75 minutes
End of 2nd semester of grade 1160-90 minutes
End of 1st semester of grade 1260 minutes

The Elevation of IB Diploma Math Profile sessions at CourseLeap are tailored to help students navigate the IB curriculum by selecting the most suitable math levels. We assess their current math proficiency, offer guidance on appropriate levels, and suggest additional courses to strengthen their math profile. Ensuring alignment with college entry requirements or alternative pathways, these sessions are instrumental for academic success. Moreover, for passionate students seeking advanced math options, we provide prep for International Math Olympiads such as AMC & AIME, CEMC, and more. Additionally, we offer advanced summer school prep for esteemed programs like PROMYS, SUMaC, and Ross, empowering students to excel in challenging, university level math.

Students can also opt for one 60 minute session and then opt for shorter sessions of 30 minutes for monitoring.

These services are designed to empower students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support crucial for their academic growth and success in the IB and beyond.

Why CourseLeap?

Comprehensive academic mentoring : Support with IB subject choices to find the most suitable combination of subjects bearing relevance to their areas of interest and study for their university education

IB Academic Expertise: Highly-qualified advisors  with immense experience and knowledge of university applications and admissions landscape support students 

Inspiring students to highest academic standards: Continuous performance-based student tracking on improved problem-solving, critical thinking and research skills with detailed feedback through improvisation strategies for top results and strong choices

Personalised & Tailor-made Courses: IB courses consisting of advisory sessions based on subject choices, need, ability, workload & mapping with performance results, allowing for appropriate and matching  career choices for success to be offered

Academic guidance: Provided for academic profile building for all students with an ultimate aim of supporting them in the complex applications and admission  process and achieve success in top universities

CourseLeap’s IB Courses for success in the IBDP

Even before embarking on the IB program, our Pre- IB courses serve as a solid foundation for 10th graders moving into DP 1, ensuring a seamless transition into the rigorous diploma programme.Our specialised IB Tutoring caters to various needs, including IB exam revision courses that reinforce core concepts and provide targeted exam-oriented content. For students midway through their IB we offer Mid- IB courses  in addition to guiding and providing them with valuable insights for Extended Essays, and Internal Assessments.

We aim to empower students through our IB Courses, Planning & Support, by offering tailored plans and academic guidance, ensuring mastery of concepts, excelling in the IB Core and research component , and thorough preparation for a successful IB journey. 

Join us to benefit from our expertise and pave the way for a triumphant IB journey.