The course is designed for students studying in Grade 11 and Grade 12 to help them achieve their goals to secure top IB grades for university placements.

IB Courses have exhaustive requirements for exam preparation. These demanding and intensive courses can make the difference, even in the most diligent student, between achieving a ‘6’ or a top mark of ‘7’.

To score the best marks students need a robust understanding of the key concepts, critical and analytical thinking skills, ability to comprehend the questions effectively and repeated practice. This course aims to equip students with techniques to understand and offer insightful analysis through personalized feedback. A solid understanding of examiner expectations clearly guides students to focus in the right direction to find a strong foothold and secure the best marks.

We plan a very thorough and focused personalized plan based on the students specific needs.




Topic-wise review of key concepts, problem-solving strategies, commonly made errors, corrective strategies and resolving difficult problems/doubts.


Make students solve set of mock exam papers and give them personalized feedback.


To focus on important aspects of overwhelming exam material like study guides, handouts, notes, practice papers, mark schemes, question banks etc.

* IB revision courses are available on request in both higher and standard level



Available on request
Grade 11 - 12

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) - Essay and Exhibition Guidance, English, Psychology, Spanish, French, History

Available on request
Grade 11 - 12

Course Details

Ideal for

Grade 11 - 12


1st term Exam Prep - Grade 11 (Oct, Nov)
Final term Exam Prep - Grade 11 (March, April)
Mock Exam Prep - Grade 12 (Dec, Jan)
Final Exam Prep - Grade 12 (April)


First Term Diwali Exam Prep Course Prep Course was a consolidation of the entire first semester after the pre-IB summer course and it helped me revise all topics that were taught in school. It gave me a lot of confidence that is essential for my exams. I rate CourseLeap a strong 105/100. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Param Nagda

Former IB Higher Level Math student, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, scoring the top grade (7) in his first semester and end of year exam, currently studying at University of Berkeley

The course helped me consolidate concepts, do intense work for 4 days and helped me get to the next level. CourseLeap should continue holding such student friendly and next level courses.

Drumee Shah

Former IB HL Math student, Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai, scoring the top grade (7) in the first semester, currently majoring in Math and International Relations at Pomona College, USA

I was struggling with my IB Higher Level Math Paper 3 Calculus option and was in desperate need of help just before my final IB exam  during my study leave. I looked everywhere, but couldn’t find a single institution that was willing to revise the entire calculus portion in a span of one week, till I came across and met Mrs. Dhingra at CourseLeap.

She designed a revision course for the option paper to suit my exact needs, and we blazed through the entire portion in 5 days! We went over each and every single topic and, you won’t believe it, we even had time for revision! We solved every possible type of question from a number of sources, and by the end of the course I was solving every question with an ease. Under her expert guidance, I learned some of the best tricks to combat problems and even managed to get the top grade 7 in my final board paper 3. Her classes are unparalleled, and I can guarantee you that you will not find a better institution that meets your needs than CourseLeap.

Yash More

Former IB Higher Level math student Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, currently a freshman engineering student at Northwestern University

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The course is designed for students who have completed their first year of the diploma studies, allowing them to consolidate their subject knowledge and further refine the skills they will need to achieve top results.

Personalised Tutorial

Personalised Tutorials are effective for students who prefer one-on-one learning on a regular basis. Throughout the year, CourseLeap offers customizable and top quality Tutorial Hours to hone student skills and performance in the final IB exams.