Mid-IB TOK: Exhibition Refresher Course

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Course Concept

CourseLeap offers two half day workshops as well as personalised service for students preparing their TOK Exhibition; working with students to develop their exhibition by assisting their choice of the 3 objects unique to them in order to showcase their knowledge and learning experiences of the TOK course.

The aim of this program is to enable students to make links between real life specific objects and the prescribed IA prompts and effectively link them in order to create and deliver an Exhibition as part of their TOK course requirements.  

Students will be introduced to the commentary as a style of writing for TOK. They will get a chance to explore various prompts and examine how they relate to real life objects, themes and concepts and practice writing a commentary with the help of our scaffolds.  They will also look at various presentation formats  as a vehicle for communication of their ideas for a virtual exhibition.

* We also endeavour to be ethical in our practices and support students’ intellectual initiatives while upholding the principles of academic honesty. While we provide guidance, we will not create your exhibition. We also refrain from writing any commentaries. 

The following schedule of interaction is prescribed as guidance to strengthen the process of completing the Exhibition and supporting the authenticity of a student’s own work.


  • The TOK exhibition is a  “brand new” task which replaces what used to be the TOK Presentation. May 2021 will be the first assessment year of this task. It is assessed internally, but moderated externally and is worth 33% of the grade.
  • The exhibition aims to assess how you can apply TOK concepts to the real world. Unlike the former TOK presentation, students have to complete the exhibition individually (no group work allowed) and make sure no one in their TOK class/school uses the same objects/images in their exhibition.
  • In short, the TOK exhibition is a live or virtual exhibition of three objects based on one “IA prompt”. Students should choose one prompt from the list given by IB  (it must be exactly from this list- students SHOULD NOT change the wording) and find three objects or images of objects that relate to this prompt. It is very important that the exhibition is based on one of the 35 IB prescribed prompts. If not, they risk scoring  0.
  • However the biggest challenge with the change is that the actual Exhibition will not be assessed; only the commentary of  950 words will be marked.
  • Students will need to create a document with the title of their chosen IA prompt, the images of the three objects and then include the written commentary on each object that identifies each object’s specific real-world context and its link to the prompt.
  • Since the IB TOK Exhibition is the new internally assessed component of the TOK course; this assessment can be particularly challenging if students are not used to keeping up with current events or used to making arguments and discussing controversial issues in front of an audience.



Orient students with current updated IB specifications on the Exhibition .


Identify appropriate TOK Exhibition objects and their  ‘real life context’.


Enable students to make links between objects and the prescribed IA prompts.


Research appropriate content including theories and concepts for their TOK Exhibition commentary.


Review the requirements of  TOK Exhibition criteria.


Plan for the Exhibition: how to submit a proposal.


Expose students to various Exhibition formats  as a way for communication of their ideas in a virtual setting.

*The post session follow up includes an online review and personalized feedback on the PPD form.

Workshop Details

Ideal for

Grade 11 IBDP students
(completing the exhibition in grade 11 is a mandatory requirement of the IB)


2 Days

Total hours

6 Hours

The course includes: teaching, assessments, doubt clarification, homework and progress reports


Batch running in February – Check our Monthly calendar for course dates

How can we help

Please refer to the Contact Us page if you need help deciding courses or have any other inquiries so we can understand your needs. The appropriate team member will get in touch with you shortly.


TOK essay/ presentation is the culmination of the TOK course that requires a wholesome understanding and multiple levels of skills. The process of developing early, half-formed ideas and opinions into a coherent, convincing exploration of any chosen issue places exceptional demands on any student’s verbal and written language skills. A heightened capacity for clear, objective and convincing arguments are vital skills for success in the TOK. This course thus focuses on developing these skills to enable students to feel more confident as they approach their final essay. Working with an IB examiner will give them insight into the way that they will be graded and show them how to maximise their potential in the essay.

The dates are not amenable, however, we offer personalized guidance sessions on request. The workshop is being offered at a strategic time so as to account for most school deadlines.

TOK and the Extended Essay along with all the internal assessments are vitally important as they enhance a student’s ability to display critical thinking, by making reasoned arguments linked to subject specific content. TOK works to help students boost their final grade and the skills are highly regarded in university applications and throughout university education.

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Format and Navigation ability

The website is extremely well- formated and easy to navigate. It also provides a comprehensible explanation on the organisation and the teachings it offers. Over all experience was great!

2 years ago


I really loved it, helped me gain so much more clarity and I realised some MAJOR mistakes I was making. Ms Chrisann was also really friendly and sweet and we had a lot of fun.

2 years ago

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