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Pre IB Summer Programme

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Course Concept

CourseLeap’s Pre IB courses aim to prepare students for the rigors of the International Baccalaureate Diploma program, which emphasizes critical thinking, independent learning, and interdisciplinary connections across all subjects. These courses will help students develop effective study habits, note-taking strategies, time management skills and research techniques in each of their respective subjects. It will also place importance on productive collaboration, developing a global perspective and appreciating scientific study and creativity. Overall, the course focuses on providing students with the skills, foundation, and knowledge they need to succeed in the IB program and beyond.

Each of our subject specific Pre IB courses are characterized by their own rigor and distinctiveness. They will help students from both IB and non-IB board streams to move seamlessly into IBDP by bridging the gap between different modes of teaching.

Pre IB Languages
  • Geared towards a confident head start of the IBDP and academic excellence at school in subjects of your choice

  • Learn from subject expert IB tutors who are examiners and workshop leaders with nuanced understanding of the expectations and demands of the IBDP in students’ respective subjects

  • Build a strong foundation for critical thinking and research required for Internal Assessments

  • High-quality, internationally benchmarked virtual classrooms to bring out top performance

Course Details

Pre IB Languages, Individuals and Society & Science Courses

Pre IB English


5-6 Days

This Pre IB course aims to enhance students’ skills in textual analysis and essay writing, with a focus on a central concept and use of relevant literary terminology. Its purpose is to prepare students for the study of either the IBDP Literature and Language A or Literature A courses

Course objectives 

  • Critical and independent study of a variety of literary and some non literary genre
  • Enhance the understanding of literary terminology and develop the ability to apply it effectively in literary analysis
  • Acquire the skills necessary for writing an exceptional IBDP English essay.
  • Preparation for the expectations of the oral components of the Internal Assessment
  • Foster independent exploration of texts and effective use of textual evidence to support persuasive literary arguments
  • Develop the ability to engage in discussions with critical and independent responses
  • Develop independent strategies for the interpretation of unseen texts

Pre IB Economics


5 Days

This Pre IB course is designed to cater to the learning needs of those students who have not studied Economics in the past. The concept based approach aims to develop an analytical bend of mind among its participants. On completion of the course, students should be able to think critically and apply economic theories to real world situations more comfortably.

Course objectives 

  • Train students to apply economic models and theories to real world situations
  • Enable students to identify the economic facets of global issues
  • Help students to develop critical thinking skills that allow them to review economic contexts and evaluate multiple outcomes.
  • Develop students’ communication, enabling them to express their ideas coherently and effectively
  • Teach students to apply their classroom learnings to new and unfamiliar situations, which is often required in both internal and external assessments in Economics
  • Develop skill sets to apply classroom learning to new situations which is often the nature of internal as well as external assessments in Economics.


Pre IB Computer Science


6 Days

This Pre IB course provides a strong foundation in computational thinking and programming, laying the groundwork for success in the IB programme.To succeed in computing, students need to grasp the fundamental concepts of computational thinking and possess knowledge of digital devices and their operations.

Course objectives 

  • Improve problem-solving, logical and critical thinking skills as well as investigative approaches
  • Know and understand the course structure, content and the assessment model
  • Develop an understanding of the Internal Assessment and marking criterion
  • Develop an understanding of the Case Study based paper 3 and Extended Essay

Pre IB Spanish


6 Days

Total hours

25 hours

The IB Diploma Programme requires all students to take a second language as part of their Group 2 selection. This Pre IB course will provide students with a solid foundation in the Spanish language and equip them with the skills to understand and meet the criteria used to evaluate both Internal and External Assessments that they will encounter in their language studies.

Course objectives 

Our course will cover the following concepts:

  • Identities – Yourself and other people
  • Experiences – Daily Routine, Leisure, Festivals and Celebrations
  • Human Ingenuity – Transport, Entertainment
  • Social Organisation – Neighbourhood, Education and Work
  • Sharing the Planet – Climate, Physical Geography

Pre IB Chemistry


16 Days

This Pre IB course is designed to prepare students for the rigor and complexity of the IB Chemistry program. It aims to provide students with a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts and skills necessary for success in the higher-level course.

Students will learn how to ask scientific questions, design experiments, collect and analyze data, and draw conclusions based on their findings. They will also develop their problem-solving, scientific inquiry, communication, critical thinking and mathematical skills.

Course objectives 

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of Chemistry
  • Impart critical thinking skills to apply taught concepts in known and unknown situations effectively
  • Apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practical situations
  • Prepare for the IB Chemistry first quarter course or other advanced level Chemistry topics
  • Acquaint students with Internal Assessment criteria & format for Chemistry & submit a mini task
  • Inculcate and develop work habits to succeed in IBDP  Chemistry

Pre IB Physics


16 Days

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of physics and develop their skills in analyzing and solving physics problems. It features introduction to the curriculum, planning a lab investigation, developing Research Skills and Communication through scaffolded tasks. It emphasizes immersion in understanding of the scientific skills, scientific research and demonstration of scientific and investigative skills required for individual investigation.

Course objectives 

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of physics
  • Analyze and solve physics problems using mathematical equations and formulas
  • Apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practical situations
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Prepare for the IB Physics first quarter course or other advanced level physics topics
  • Acquaint students with Internal Assessment criteria & format for Physics 

Following the personalised and group Pre IBcourses, unlisted courses are available on request.

How can we help

Please refer to the Contact Us page if you need help deciding courses or have any other inquiries so we can understand your needs. The appropriate team member will get in touch with you shortly.


My son did private classes with CourseLeap after he finished his 10th grade. As he was to take Math, Bio, and Chemistry in HL in IB, he wanted to get a headstart as the workload would otherwise be a lot in 11th grade. So he took up Math, Chem and Biology classes with Courseleap. All the teachers including Mrs Dhingra herself were very helpful in setting up his schedule over a period of 2 months. It was a pretty intense schedule and CourseLeap managed it very well. All the teachers were very good and set up the pace according to my son’s level. The homework was also given everyday so that the student can get more practice. At the end of the  course, my son was much more confident of taking all these subjects at the HL level in IB and was very well prepared for the coming year. We plan to continue taking help from Courseleap in 11th and 12th grade too.

Apurva Kothari

Parent of Aman Kothari, Pre-IB Chemistry & Biology (HL) 2023

My son did the pre-IB program in English, Global Politics and Biology with Courseleap over the summer. The faculty were competent, knowledgeable and were very effective. My son came away feeling a lot more confident and empowered to do the IBDP. I highly recommend the CourseLeap summer program to all students who want an introduction to the rigorous IBDP. Courseleap also has year-long programs for most IBDP subjects which, given the quality of the faculty, is highly recommended.

Viji Rajan

Parent of Ishaan Rajan, Pre-IB English, Global Politics & Biology, 2023

I really enjoyed this course so much. I did the English one and I hate English but I somehow really enjoyed it here. I also did the Core course and I enjoyed it because it shed light onto the type of workload I’ll be getting in IB and definitely prepared me.

Emilie Mclaughlin

Marlborough College, Malaysia. Pre-IB Introduction to IB Core (TOK, EE, CAS), Pre-IB English - 2023

“I loved the course and I feel like it will help me alot in the IB. My instructor made the class very interesting and helped me prepare for IB. Overall I had a very good experience.”

Zeus Shaikh

Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai, ICSE, Pre-IB English 2023

“Before this course, I knew nothing with regards to the theory of computer science. In my school, the curriculum lacked in terms of teaching theoretical aspects and covered very little in terms of the practical side.This course helped me understand that side of it. The research activities were very helpful since they gave us a fair idea of the topic before the course instructor explained it to us. Our instructor had thorough knowledge about the course content and clarity in his instructions and explanations.”

Ahaan Kallat

Oberoi International School, Mumbai, IB MYP, 2021, Pre IB Computer Science

“This course was very interesting and interactive. I had no previous exposure to this subject and the classes taught me the basics which will be very helpful when I start the IB program. We also had a lot of discussion and opportunities to raise questions and put forward our opinion in front of the class.”

Nentara Agarwal

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, ICSE, 2021, Pre IB Economics

“IB English has a lot more analysis to do than what I studied previously, there are a lot more kinds of literary and non literary pieces that we had never done before. The instructor, Mr Nick, was absolutely wonderful and he was able to hold my attention throughout the entire course. The most fun moments were our discussion and debates and sir’s jokes which kept us all very refreshed and entertained. The course showed me that what I have done till now is just a drop in the ocean. It also helped me in enhancing my speed and my presentation skills. Overall, the online course was absolutely wonderful and we had many opportunities to interact with each other which I think is one of the main skills a person needs in life.”

Indrasena Reddy

Delhi Private School (DPS), Dubai, CBSE, 2021 Pre IB English

“In a week / was able to understand text and answer questions, so yes, the tutorials were helpful and gave me a lot of confidence. The course gave me a booster in Spanish and I know what to expect in IB.”

Iain Sandeep

Learners Academy, Mumbai, ICSE, 2021. Studying IBDP at Oberoi International School, Pre IB Economics

“In a week / was able to understand text and answer questions, so yes, the tutorials were helpful and gave me a lot of confidence. The course gave me a booster in Spanish and I know what to expect in IB.”

Iain Sandeep

Learners Academy, Mumbai, ICSE, 2021. Studying IBDP at Oberoi International School, Pre IB Economics

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Prisha Agrawal

A fun and informative class that gave me an edge in English

I absolutely loved the course! It was not at all boring, especially considering that it was online.. the time flew by during class! Thank you for the wonderful experience!

3 years ago
Mahir Ajmani

Pre-IB Econ Review

This was a really informative and well organized course. The instructor was well – informed about the IB format, and also the subject itself. Additionally, our instructor did a really good job at making sure we understood everything that was being taught, even in such a small time period. Overall, I really enjoyed the course and it was very well done.

3 years ago
Nentara Agarwal

Pre-IB Economics course

This course was very interesting and interactive. I had no previous exposure to this subject and the classes taught me the basics which will be very helpful when I start the IB program. We also had a lot of discussion and opportunities to raise questions and put forward our opinion in front of the class.

3 years ago
Iain Sandeep

The pre IB economics course was really fun. it made economics, a subject i was not familiar with fun and engaging. Our instructor never failed to make us understand all the topics no matter their level of difficulty and always helped us when we had doubts. it gave me a good base on which i could further improve my knowledge of economics in the future. the various assessments given both for class and homework were really enjoyable to complete and allowed me to see where i had improved and where i could improve further.

3 years ago
Sia Sehgal

Pre-IB economics: very helpful!

The Pre-Ib economics course not only gave me a deep insight into the world of economics which I never exposed myself to before, but also make me certain of my subject choice. Prior to this course, I was not sure if this subject was for me, but after Justin sir’s seamless explanations, easy to understand resources, and interactive sessions , I am 100% set on pursuing economics in the IB. It was an extremely interesting experience, and a must-do before to the real Ib course!

3 years ago
Indrasena Reddy

My Pre-IB economics journey

The Pre IB economics course was absolutely wonderful. It gave me a taste of how the IB Economics course is going to go. The course also introduced me to the very fundamentals of economics. The class was very interactive as we were able to analyse and evaluate a number of real life situations. There were also a number of written assignments that helped me understand what the IB program expects out of the student. Overall it was a great experience and it gave me the confidence to take on the IB program.

3 years ago
Manu Bawa

PRE IB Economics Course

I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot about Economics in just one week. We were more focused on Micro- Economics and also looked at real-life examples. We also worked on the ten and fifteen mark question commentary, so we are well prepared for it. Mr. Sebastian is a really good and supportive teacher. Always helped me when I was in doubt.

3 years ago

good interaction

we were exposed to many different real life cases and scenarios and told to analyse and evaluate them which truly helped get a good introduction to how IB Econ would look like. Loved how we were made to interact with the students and get to know about the different perspectives and ideas. . we also had to come up with solutions for problems which was fun. was an extremely helpful Course as I hadn’t done economics before, helped me become familiar with the subject in an interesting way.

3 years ago
Aman Kapoor

The website gives a good overview of the Pre-IB course and also speaks in detail about the overall subject of economics. Maybe providing further insight about the content of the pre-IB course and explicitly stating the aims of the course by the end of the 6 days would help a reader further. Apart from that, it’s great!

3 years ago
Mrudgandh Kumbhar

English course

The class was very explorative and interactive as well as fun. It was very enlightening to me as a student and it is something that I will definitely remember for my IB journey.

3 years ago
Iain Sandeep

Spanish, made fun

I had already learnt a bit of Spanish before the course and was presently surprised with the method they used to teach the language. it was very pictorial and easy to understand and made learning the language more fun and interesting. our instructor Mr George, was very helpful and patient with us and was always open to questions and feedback both within and out of class.

3 years ago

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