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Course Concept

Calculus is an essential branch of mathematics that is used extensively in various STEM fields such as engineering, physics, economics, and computer science, among others. Many university-level courses require a solid foundation in calculus concepts and problem-solving techniques because it is a fundamental tool that is applied across a wide range of disciplines. 

CourseLeap’s Calculus and Multivariable Calculus Pre- University courses equip students with analytical, problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning skills essential for university-level studies and beyond. The courses teach students to apply tools based on the concepts of differential and integral calculus, sequences and series, and differential equations to analyse real-life phenomena.

By taking our University Calculus courses, students will build on the concept of using series as a tool of analysis and develop the skill of visualisation and computation. Moreover it will help them excel in university-level calculus courses and provide them with the necessary skills to succeed in their future careers.

  • Learn and apply techniques of advanced college calculus

  • Understand the convergence and divergence of infinite series

  • Learn real life applications of differential equations and multivariable calculus

  • Engage in application of infinite series


Who is it for?

Courses We Offer

Duration: 20 sessions | Total hours: 30 hours

This course aligns to Calculus I and II at the university-level. It provides an introduction to differential calculus starting from first principles to applications such as optimization and kinematics. Following differential calculus, we will lead into integration, again from first principles, and cover various methods of integration as well as applications such as volumes, areas, and kinematics.

Prerequisites are: Pre-Calculus: functions and trigonometry.

Why take this course? 

Course Objectives: 

  • Develop foundational understanding of the prerequisite topics to ensure readiness for advanced university work 
  • Develop problem-solving skills to identify appropriate strategies for solving calculus problems
  • Understand how differential equations can be used to model and solve problems in STEM fields
  • Gain a head start in university-level mathematics and increase GPA scores in the first year of university

Duration: 25-27 sessions | Total hours: 40 hours

This course will cover the study of sequences and series as well as its applications extending to the Taylor and Power series. This will be followed by an introduction to differential calculus for functions of more than one variable and its applications. It will help students familiarise with the foundations of university-level maths, and sets the tone for courses such as Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, all of which are important for anyone pursuing Physical sciences, Economics or Computer Science. 

Course Objectives: 

  • Enhance abilities to differentiate and integrate single variable functions.
  • Explore complex topics, especially those geared toward analytical mathematics.
  • Learn how to apply advanced calculus in the real world. 
  • Gain a head start in the university-level “Calculus III”. 
  • Gain a head start in university-level mathematics and increase GPA scores in the first year of university.

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“Before this course, I knew nothing with regards to the theory of computer science. In my school, the curriculum lacked in terms of teaching theoretical aspects and covered very little in terms of the practical side.This course helped me understand that side of it. The research activities were very helpful since they gave us a fair idea of the topic before the course instructor explained it to us. Our instructor had thorough knowledge about the course content and clarity in his instructions and explanations.”

Ahaan Kallat

Oberoi International School, Mumbai, IB MYP, 2021, Pre IB Computer Science

“This course was very interesting and interactive. I had no previous exposure to this subject and the classes taught me the basics which will be very helpful when I start the IB program. We also had a lot of discussion and opportunities to raise questions and put forward our opinion in front of the class.”

Nentara Agarwal

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, ICSE, 2021, Pre IB Economics

“IB English has a lot more analysis to do than what I studied previously, there are a lot more kinds of literary and non literary pieces that we had never done before. The instructor, Mr Nick, was absolutely wonderful and he was able to hold my attention throughout the entire course. The most fun moments were our discussion and debates and sir’s jokes which kept us all very refreshed and entertained. The course showed me that what I have done till now is just a drop in the ocean. It also helped me in enhancing my speed and my presentation skills. Overall, the online course was absolutely wonderful and we had many opportunities to interact with each other which I think is one of the main skills a person needs in life.”

Indrasena Reddy

Delhi Private School (DPS), Dubai, CBSE, 2021 Pre IB English

“In a week / was able to understand text and answer questions, so yes, the tutorials were helpful and gave me a lot of confidence. The course gave me a booster in Spanish and I know what to expect in IB.”

Iain Sandeep

Learners Academy, Mumbai, ICSE, 2021. Studying IBDP at Oberoi International School, Pre IB Economics

“In a week / was able to understand text and answer questions, so yes, the tutorials were helpful and gave me a lot of confidence. The course gave me a booster in Spanish and I know what to expect in IB.”

Iain Sandeep

Learners Academy, Mumbai, ICSE, 2021. Studying IBDP at Oberoi International School, Pre IB Economics

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Manu Bawa
Siddharth Puri

Calculus 1-2/, Calculus 3-Multivariable Calculus.

I really enjoyed this course. Mr Nandish was a really great mentor. Even though Calculus was something new for me but Mr. Nandish made it so simple and easy for me to understand. This course has prepared me for starting calculus in school. Very great course for the students who are starting with calculus.

3 years ago
Harshita Hingoraney
Siddharth Puri

Calculus 1-2/, Calculus 3-Multivariable Calculus

I really enjoyed learning calculus from the basics and being taught about each and every small detail that is needed to know to succeed in the complicated parts. I feel like this is a good course to take up before school starts as it helps to get your foundations better and help you do better in class. With this course, I’ve been able to participate more in class as I know what is going on and I understand the ways to work with calculus

3 years ago

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