CourseLeap Plus (CLP)

CourseLeap Plus (CLP) aims to ensure that students are fully prepared for success in upper secondary and beyond through the acquisition of rigorous academic, language and technical skills.

CLP specializes in offering cross-disciplinary courses that focus on acquiring relevant academic skills with an emphasis on scholarship and critical thinking. Through our courses we focus heavily on intellectual rigour, academic integrity and learning as a process rather than an act with a definitive end. This makes our students better prepared to succeed in not just High School but also at esteemed Universities around the world.

Pre-IB and IB Diploma courses – Grade 11-12

A head start with Pre-IB in the summer before entering Grade 11 of IBD and our various personalised and tailor made programs help students to excel in school and achieve their academic goals that can secure their admission to top international universities.

Pre-IB Courses

(Summer before Grade 11)

Intro to IB Core (TOK, EE, CAS), English, Spanish & French, Computer Science, Economics

Mid-IB Course

(Grade 11 - 12)

TOK Essay and Exhibition Refresher Courses 

IB Revision Courses

(Grade 11 - 12)

TOK Essay and Exhibition Guidance, English, Spanish, French, Psychology, History

Personalised Tutorials

(Grade 11 - 12)

Psychology, TOK, English, History, French and Spanish

Guidance for Internal Assessment and Extended Essay

(Grade 11-12)

English, Spanish, French, Psychology, History

Pre-University Courses – All curricula

Our pre-university courses are ideal for students studying/ studied ICSE, CBSE, ISC, HSC, A Level or IB students (Grade 9 – 12/ post Grade 12) planning to pursue study overseas after completion of Grade 12 Boards

Pre-University Courses

(Grade 9 - 12)

Academic Research & Writing Skills

High School Accelerator  – All Curricula

Our HSA courses are for students from Grade 7 to 10 from diverse curricula enabling them to move seamlessly into high school and ensuring students’ success in upper secondary school and university.

English - Written Communication: Read, Interpret, Analyze and Articulate

Level 1 - Grade 7-9
Level 2 - Grade 8 - 10
Level 3 - Exam Prep Intensive

Public Speaking

(Grade 8-9)

Information Literacy, Research and Critical Thinking

(Grade 7-9)

Course Faculty


Chrisann Almeida Creado

Course Developer and Instructor TOK & Interdisciplinary Programmes

Helen Wilkinson

Associate Consultant and Lead Instructor English

Nick Pillow

Associate Consultant and Instructor English & Public Speaking
George Mansur

George Mansur

Instructor - French & Spanish (Cambridge & IB)
Dr. Kees

Dr. Kees Winland

Academic Advisor & Instructor Interdisciplinary Courses | History (IB and IGCSE)

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Please refer to the Contact Us page if you need help deciding courses or have any other inquiries so we can understand your needs. The appropriate team member will get in touch with you shortly.