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Our students have demonstrated exceptional academic performance, achieving top grades and excelling in their pursuits. They have embarked on diverse educational paths, pursuing degrees and majors in prestigious fields such as aerospace engineering, biological engineering, political science, finance, economics, engineering and AI, computer science, and a myriad of other disciplines. Their remarkable achievements have garnered them admission to renowned universities, including Cambridge, Stanford, LSE, Pomona, Warwick, and many more esteemed institutions.

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Student Success Stories

Sharanya Trivedi

International School of Lausanne, Switzerland, Grade 12, IB

Sharanya Trivedi, from the International School of Lausanne, Switzerland, engaged in targeted courses with CourseLeap, including IBDP Tutoring for Math AA and short-term IB tutoring for TOK, History, and Economics. Her dedication and commitment to excellence propelled her to achieve a perfect score of 45/45 in the IBDP exams, placing her among the top 0.1% globally. Earning a stellar score of 7 in Math AA, TOK, History, and Economics, Sharanya demonstrated exceptional academic proficiency across diverse subjects. Her academic achievements and dedication to personalised education, aligning with CourseLeap’s ethos, paved her path to admission for studying Law at UCL, London. 

Agastya Bahl

Hill Spring International School, Mumbai

Agastya Bahl, a student from Hill Spring International School, Mumbai, enrolled in CourseLeap’s Pre-IB courses and later personalised IB tutoring for Math AA HL. His dedication to these courses laid the foundation for his exceptional academic success and led to an outstanding score of 44/45 in his IB exams, reflecting his exceptional academic proficiency. Agastya later secured admission to Imperial College for pursuing Computer Science, epitomising CourseLeap’s effectiveness in preparing students for the rigorous IB curriculum, enabling them to excel and gain admission to prestigious institutions

Agastya Avasthi

B. D. Somani International School, Mumbai

Agastya Avasthi enrolled in CourseLeap’s Pre-IB Math courses between his 10th and 11th grades, followed by IB Math HL tutoring during his 12th grade. Through these courses, Agastya not only gained valuable mathematical knowledge but also acquired confidence and discipline crucial for academic success. His commitment and hard work translated into exceptional results, as evidenced by his top-grade performance in Math AA HL during the IB exams, in which he attained a 7. Agastya’s remarkable achievement in the final IB exams reflects his exceptional academic proficiency and dedication. His success stands as a testament to CourseLeap’s efficacy in nurturing students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in challenging academic pursuits.

Viraj Udai Singh

DPS Vasant Kunj (New Delhi), Grade 12, CBSE AMC 12 & AIME Qualifier, SuMAC participant

I was struggling to find someone who was going to help me prepare for these olympiads, but CourseLeap just changed everything. One of the things I loved most about CourseLeap, was that every single class that I attended had 6-7 new takeaways, and it was amazing. It helped me solve a large number of problems I couldn’t solve earlier. They did not just simply focus on learning just the concepts and theorems, but it also focused on how to approach the test, how much time to spend on each question, and how to know when to move on from a question. They also provide a really good platform- Canva- that allows you to track your performance, how well you’re doing. It helps you prepare for your areas of weakness by offering a wide variety of problems.

Viraj Udai Singh, a Class XII student from DPS Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, has made impressive strides in the field of mathematics. He cleared the challenging AMC 12 and earned a Score of 9 in the AIME. He also achieved outstanding results in prestigious international competitions like Stanford ULO and SASMO Mathematics Olympiad. Viraj has also recently joined the Stanford Summer School. Viraj’s hard work and dedication have been a shining example of success in mathematics, and we are proud to have played a part in his journey through our AMC 12 course.

Nikhil Pande

Oberoi International School (Mumbai), Grade 10, IB Middle Years Programme Top 5% Qualifier in Cayley- CEMC

I think CourseLeap is a very good organisation when it comes to preparing for these exams, because the teachers are of very good quality. Firstly they can cater to different curricula including IB, ICSE, CBCSE, etc. They Are able to manage everyone and are also very responsive to feedback. The instructors have a very thorough understanding of the concepts and syllabus. For example when I was taking Cayley, the instructor I knew knew exactly how to respond to questions, so during class time we spent more time learning HOW to answer specific questions with the appropriate wording. I was taught how examiners mark the final paper, and which aspects to truly focus on. 

Nikhil Pande, a student of the MYP Program at Oberoi International School, has demonstrated excellence in mathematics. He has achieved the Distinguished Honor Roll in the Cayley exam conducted by the University of Waterloo and has participated in the AMC 10 exam. Additionally, Nikhil has won gold, silver, and bronze medals as part of a school delegation that participated in the South East Asian Math Competition (SEAMC). With CourseLeap’s advanced maths courses, including Personalised tutoring for Algebra, Number Theory, Combinatorics & Trigonometry and the CEMC Prep Course – Cayley & Galois, Nikhil has honed his mathematical skills and unlocked his potential. Nikhil is currently studying MYP maths and physics revision courses with us. We look forward to Nikhil’s continued success in the future.

Karthik Shankaran

Sri Kumaran Children's Home (Bangalore), CBSE Grade 9 Gold & Silver medallist in Asian Olympiads

The clarity of the concepts and the motivation given by the teachers is definitely an X factor of CourseLeap. Also the regular homework and inclusion of past paper problems during class time itself was really beneficial. When I was attending my AMC 8 course, we had to fill in a feedback form after every class, which was really good because they were very receptive to the feedback I gave them. The classes are extremely fun and interactive, and you really enjoy math when you attend these classes.” 

Karthik Shankaran, a Grade 9 student at Sri Kumaran’s Children’s Home in Bangalore, has achieved remarkable success in mathematics. He has secured multiple Gold medals, including the Hong Kong International Math Olympiad Finals and the Thailand International Math Olympiad Finals. Additionally, Karthik has received a Silver Award in the Hong Kong International Math Olympiad heats. He has also achieved a Distinction in Pascal, a competitive exam conducted by CEMC, University of Waterloo. Karthik’s participation in CourseLeap’s courses, including Introduction to Math Olympiad with AIME Prep, helped fuel his success and we are excited to see Karthik’s future achievements.

Amritraj Lamba

Heritage International Xperiential School (Gurgaon), IGCSE Grade 8 AMC, Asian Olympiads and CEMC Qualifier & Medallist

“At first, when I joined the Art of Problem Solving course, that was an eye-opener on all the possibilities and what all can be accomplished with thorough knowledge in mathematics if you apply it well. Of course, all the teachers know the (subject) very well, and are thoroughly familiar with the topics. They were able to clarify doubts and give us adequate support whenever we had equations. It also helps us regain the topics we learnt in class as well. Even in the questions provided in class, the instructors taught us multiple approaches to solving them.” 

Amritraj Lamba, a Grade 8 (IGCSE) student at Heritage International Xperiential School, Gurgaon, has accomplished impressive feats in the field of Mathematics. He has received several awards, including Gold Awards at the Hong Kong International Mathematics Olympiad, Thailand International Mathematics Olympiad, and American Mathematics Olympiad. Amritraj has also secured distinctions and distinguished honour rolls in various competitions, and CourseLeap’s maths courses including our signature Art of Problem Solving, the AMC 8 and CEMC – Pascal courses aided in his achievements. We look forward to his future accomplishments.

Anirudh Suri

Indian International School (Dubai), CBSE Grade 8 - Top 5% Qualifier in AMC 8

I feel that the AMC 8 course has been really helpful and has opened my mind to a new way to solve each and every problem. The instructors have been really helpful, and the Doubt Clarification sessions are one of the best parts of the course. The Homework and Mock Papers are helpful to practise concept clarification and timing for the papers. I really appreciate the work put in by the teachers, all in all I am very happy with the course. I feel the learning experience in the Data Analytics course was really fun as well. Mohit Sir had a lot of knowledge on the topic and learning with Sir was also really fun. The course was well managed, it felt just like learning in class better! actually even better. This really helped me to open up to a different world of data analytics. The finale tasks were really engaging and interesting. I really liked the course and have gained immense knowledge.

Anirudh Suri, a CourseLeap student, shines in the AMC 8 journey.

We celebrate his exceptional achievement of securing the prestigious Honor Roll, a distinction awarded to the top 5% of participants in the challenging American Math Competition (AMC).

His dedication and perseverance showcase the heights students can reach through our comprehensive preparation.

Aneesh Kumar

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Grade 8, IGCSE Gold medallist at TIMO & HKIMO, Silver Medallist at AIMO, Pradnya Scholar

“The [AMC 10] modules were very well designed, the lead instructor and peer mentors worked cohesively to help us out. The homework helped me check my understanding of concepts, and the mock papers helped me improve my problem solving skills….The CEMC course has helped me understand the pattern of the paper, and learn creative ways to solve problems. It also helped me avoid making careless mistakes. We learned indispensable strategies for improving test-taking abilities which were wonderful, and honed our problem solving skills in an engaging and enjoyable manner!

Aneesh Kumar, a CourseLeap student, credits his success in mathematics to Mrs. Dhingra’s mentorship. He has taken the AMC 10 as well as the CEMC courses at CourseLeap. The well-designed modules, collaborative environment, and homework assignments enhanced Aneesh’s understanding and problem-solving skills. He achieved remarkable milestones, including winning the Pradnya Scholarship, gold at TIMO, silver at the Asian International Mathematical Olympiad, and gold at HKIMO. Aneesh’s accomplishments also include representing India at the World International Mathematics Olympiad and achieving exceptional scores in various math examinations. His dedication and the supportive environment at CourseLeap continue to inspire aspiring mathematicians globally.

Shiv Karnani

Dhirubhai Ambani International School (Mumbai), IBDP 2020 Engineering at University of Pennsylvania, Undergraduate

I started at CourseLeap with the Pre-IB course in the summer of 10-11th grade. Even though I had an additional math background, I found this course really helpful because it made the transition from IGCSE to IB very seamless, and I found the first semester in the IB extremely easy. After that i continued with personalised tutorials with Mrs Dhingra where we covered a lot of concepts, I was given a lot of doubt clearing sessions, I was taught different approaches to different problems, and she provided me with an extensive amount of material that helped me with each type of problem, which i found very useful. I was also guided through my exploration task with her which was a very insightful experience. Over the past two years I developed a passion for mathematics, ambition to pursue engineering in the future and to take up more math related courses.

Shiv’s educational journey with CourseLeap began with our Pre-IB Summer courses, setting a strong foundation for his IB studies. Throughout Grade 11 and 12, he continued to thrive with our Maths AA HL course and personalised IB tutoring, enhancing his subject understanding and achieving remarkable grades. Shiv’s efforts resulted in him achieving a stellar admission to the University of Pennsylvania. Shiv’s dedication and commitment to his academic success are truly commendable and we wish him all the best for his journey ahead!

Harshita Hingorani

Discovery College (Hong Kong), IBDP Class of 2022 Environmental Engineering at Penn State University, Undergraduate

Out of the 6 subjects I took, I got help from CourseLeap for 5 of them. I enjoyed my sessions alot and got a lot of guidance for my IA’s and other research assessments that I am proud of. With every course I took with CourseLeap, I saw myself become more confident and improved by leaps and bounds. The journey I had with CourseLeap was one of the best throughout my IB experience which is why I even took their Geography, Chemistry and Math University Courses.” 

Harshita Hingorani, a former student of CourseLeap Education, faced initial struggles with the IBDP curriculum. However, with our full-year tutorials and time-bound training, she gained the confidence to excel and achieved a remarkable 35 from a predicted grade of 28 in her first year. Her success motivated her to take further lessons in Geography, Chemistry and Maths to prepare for her University degree in Environmental Engineering at Penn State University. We are proud to have played a part in Harshita’s success story.

Varshika Prasanna

Dhirubhai Ambani International School (Mumbai), IBDP Pursuing Major in Data Science at New York University, interned as a co-instructor from 2019-2020

CourseLeap helped me gain learning insights through teaching. As a student myself, I learned how the right kind of teaching, material and assistance can help you learn more effectively. I was able to revisit some of my favourite IB topics, quizzes and questions when I was a summer intern for Pre-IB Math. As a co-instructor for Data Analytics with MS Excel, I was able to impart my love for math, excel and statistics to young and eager 9th-10th graders. My internship with Courseleap this summer helped me engage with and inspire students who are in the same boat as I was a couple years ago. This summer, as all the courses were offered virtually, our mission was to creatively bring the essence and spirit of the CourseLeap classroom to our online zoom sessions.” 

Varshika Prasanna, an accomplished CourseLeap student, excelled in her academic journey. Having studied IB Maths with CourseLeap and pursued Higher Level Math in her IB Diploma at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, she further expanded her horizons by studying Math & Economics at New York University. As a co-instructor for Data Analytics with MS Excel, Varshika showcased her expertise in the field. Her impressive accomplishments and internship experience in 2019-2020 highlight her commitment to success and continuous growth.

Rhea Bhasin

Cathedral and John Connon School (Mumbai), IBDP Class of 2022 London School of Economics and Political Science, Undergraduate

“I would undoubtedly recommend CourseLeap to anybody who wishes to perform well in the IB. Mrs Dhingra was kind enough to take me on as a student twice, two weeks prior to my examinations for the Maths A HL revision course, and I can say with certainty that her help was monumental in helping me achieve the grades that I did… in the short span of a small class the student is able to achieve a three-fold outcome- they’re able to learn, apply and discuss doubts…CourseLeap, the instructors and Mrs Dhingra of course- they have a really high and deep understanding of the IB programme and how to teach for the IB programme. I’m confident that my learnings from CourseLeap will stand me in good stead for my journey at the LSE. ”

Rhea Bhasin, a former student of CourseLeap Education, enrolled in our Grade 12 Math AA HL revision courses. She worked tirelessly to achieve her predicted grades in the first term and went on to excel in her final exams, meeting the conditional offer at the esteemed London School of Economics (LSE). We are thrilled to have been a part of her journey towards achieving her goals.

Aditi Ladda

Aditya Birla World Academy, IBDP 2022 Applied Maths at Northwestern University, Undergraduate

The course was planned out really well, and every class we focused on a specific module. The instructor also shared several helpful resources with us which were extremely useful.

Aditi’s academic journey with CourseLeap began during her IGCSE years, where she faced a significant transition in studying extended maths. Seeking to enhance her mathematical skills, she enrolled in our AMC 10 course, which fostered her ability to think creatively and excel in mathematics. As she progressed to the IBDP, Aditi continued her association with CourseLeap, enrolling in our Pre-IB Math AA HL course and receiving personalised tutorials to support her studies. Additionally, she undertook our Maths IA course as well as AP Statistics, further strengthening her analytical abilities. Aditi’s dedication and perseverance have positioned her for success as she pursues her passion for Applied Math at Northwestern University.

Prisha Punjwani

Aditya Birla World Academy (Mumbai), IBDP 2020 Economics at Vanderbilt University, Undergraduate

“It ended up being a very intensive course where I learned so many different skills, and I was able to work on my IA as well, which is a completely different component that requires writing skills for maths as well. This was something that made the program really unique and enriching for me. I realised throughout my grade 12, I kept going back to my CL Pre-IB notes because I felt like I needed to keep referring to them before going into a more complex concept.” 

Prisha’s journey with CourseLeap began with our Pre-IB Course, where she took the opportunity to refresh her foundational knowledge before embarking on the challenging IBDP curriculum. As a student transitioning from the ICSE curriculum to the IBDP, Prisha faced the initial challenge of confidence in the demanding Math AA HL course. However, with our support and guidance, she overcame her doubts and successfully completed the program. Prisha’s determination and perseverance have paved the way for her continued academic success, as she pursues her undergraduate studies in Economics at Vanderbilt University.

Rohan Parekh

Blundell’s School (London) A-Levels Maths and Finance at City, University of London, Undergraduate

The Math part is because of Mrs Dhingra. I joined CourseLeap in the 9th grade when I was doing the MYP programme at Edubridge International School. I owe my success in Mathematics only to Mrs Dhingra. She has been my mentor during my MYP exams as well as my A-Levels which I pursued in Tibetan, London.

Starting in 9th grade, Rohan excelled in the MYP program and got the top grade at Edubridge International School and continued his journey with CourseLeap during his A-Levels at Blundell’s School, London. Rohan took MYP courses and A-Levels tutoring for further math with CourseLeap, and his stellar efforts resulted in admission to City, University of London. Rohan is now in his final year of university, and is pursuing his career with an impressive double major in Maths and Finance. He is currently also a derivative trader- an achievement he thanks CourseLeap for.

Nikasha (AP courses), CBSE

AP Calculus

I immensely enjoyed the course. Throughout the course, even the most difficult topics were explained in an easy way. It kept the topic interesting and fun to engage in. The various videos, tests and homework questions were very useful in furthering my understanding. The course was very well organised, with a good breakdown and pacing of content.” 

At CourseLeap, we teach statistics from the basics to a high level in 4 months. As a student who is part of the CBSE curriculum, where statistics is not heavily focused on, Nikasha aced her exams with a grade 5, which is a remarkable milestone as a student of grade 9.