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In high school and beyond, effective information literacy and communication skills are crucial for success. As students progress through their academic journey, they must be able to write well, speak clearly and persuasively, and navigate the vast array of information available to them. These skills are essential for college admissions, academic excellence and personal growth.

CourseLeap’s English Headstart & Accelerating courses are designed to help students develop essential communication skills, including written communication, public speaking, and information literacy. These skills are crucial for academic success, as they enable students to communicate effectively and navigate the vast array of information available to them. The course will also teach them how to write effectively and clearly by understanding grammar, punctuation, and different types of writing styles, in addition to learning how to tailor their writing to different audiences and purposes. It will also teach them to make well thought out, effective presentations while critically engaging in different points of view.

  • Students are encouraged to develop detail and sophistication in their world

  • Students have access to a variety of resources

  • Appreciate and critically engage with different points of view

  • Develop essential communication skills


Who is it for?

Courses We Offer

Ideal for: Grade 7 – 9 | Duration: 8 days | Total hours:30 hours

This course focuses particularly on reading analysis, writing, interpreting and oral presentation skills. Students will discuss stories, poetry and plays, looking at what makes them effective in addition to exploring how the language works, before learning how to structure their own analytical response to these texts. They will also explore different styles of writing, like persuasive or descriptive writing, alongside opportunities to develop grammar, vocabulary and creative writing skills.

* Whether you are an aspiring writer or just keen to improve your performance in school, this course will provide you with a strong foundation in English regardless of you curriculum.

Ideal for: Grade 8 – 10 | Duration: 6 days | Total hours: 25 hours

This course will teach students how to structure paragraphs and essays, including introductions and conclusions. They will study comparative poetry, advanced prose, extended descriptive writing, and Oral Presentation skills. It will push students beyond the basics of the subject and assist them in extended writing in line with what they will eventually be required to achieve in their board exams.

* The Intermediate English course is specially conceptualised and designed for all curricula students (IGCSE/ICSE/MYP) studying in Grade 8 to 10 who will develop detailed skills required to excel in English.

Students pursuing the Cambridge Program will benefit with the approach of the course through the lens of the IGCSE English Syllabus skill requirements.


Ideal for: Grade 8 – 9 | Duration: 6 days | Total hours:25 hours

Ideal for: Entering Grade 10/ Pre-University | Duration: 4 days | Total hours:26 hours

This course, designed to enhance students’ public speaking skills, is designed to focus on content, structure and delivery of effective speeches and presentations. It will also help students grasp the skills needed to create, edit and deliver a great presentation or speak confidently and coherently.

Ideal for: Grade 7 – 9

This course aims to acquaint students with the opportunities and dangers presented by today’s expanding resources inherent to the ‘information superhighway’. It is designed as an immersive experience in the basics of academic research and writing which will help promote intellectual confidence and independence of thought, while at the same time encouraging them to appreciate and engage critically with different points of view.

The series of lessons will be ‘scaffolded’, i.e. they will move from basic knowledge to deep understanding, through bite-sized tasks that are both fun and engaging, and suited to a wide range of learner interests. There will be encouragement at every step of the way, culminating in tangible and practical results: a well-informed, thoughtful presentation and a well-written essay promoting the lively interest and careful attention to detail of the learner in his/her subject.

How can we help

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“The sessions were extremely helpful since  they gave me a basic understanding of the topic and layer foundation for me to improve and adapt my language and my style of writing. I am now more confident about my journal writing, article writing, poem writing and comprehension skills.”

Sumair Singh

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, IGCSE, English Written Communication: Level 2, 2021

“The instructor had thorough knowledge of the course content and introduced me to various approaches to solving questions. I felt like class time was used effectively and each session had clear objectives and learning outcomes.”

Nidhi Garg

Bombay International School, IGCSE, English Written Communication: Level 2, 2021

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Ahana Kanoi
Siddharth Puri

English Courseleap Leap Level 1

The 8 classes were really fun and interactive. Mr. Nick Pillow is an amazing teacher and I had a lot of fun doing these classes even though they were long!
Ahana Kanoi

3 years ago
Sumair Singh
Siddharth Puri

The best English course ever

I really loved this course it was a great mix of fun, work and humor. This course has helped me develop my writing skills and help me understand what a good form of writing looks like. Overall if you are looking to do an English course to improve your skills then I would definitely suggest this course.

3 years ago
Arhav Thakkar
Siddharth Puri


It was a lot of fun with Nick. I learned a lot while having a lot of fun, it was too good!!!

3 years ago
Raj Chauhan
Siddharth Puri

A very fun course

This course was very fun and interactive I enjoyed a lot and look forward to doing it again

3 years ago

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