Our Methodology

Welcome to CourseLeap’s Methodology page where we discuss how we strive to provide a superior education experience. Our approach to teaching and learning is based on pedagogical expertise and a focus on our students’ needs to provide the optimal student support. Our priority is the long-term success of each student. Here learning is a collaboration where our teachers are fellow travellers who are equally passionate about learning and teaching. By providing an engaging, effective, and personalised learning experience, our students are prepared for excellence in their academic and professional lives.

Our vision is to empower students and institutions to achieve excellence through the application of strong academic principles and practices within various international curricula.


Highly-planned course structure

A module-based construct with clearly defined objectives and learning outcomes, mapped to IB, Cambridge and other bespoke international curricula.


Signature course delivery

Specialised delivery techniques supported by in-house resources, doubt clarification sessions, and a 2-teacher collaboration model.


Performance assessment and progress evaluation models

Robust, multi-format testing based on established criteria with detailed feedback, self-correction tools and progress evaluations for top results.


Tailored academic support

Personalised academic response to each student’s evolving learning requirements via improvisation strategies and a proactive student support system.


Academic guidance

Academic bridging with long term goals, subject mapping and personal course recommendations to ensure students reach their full potential.


Specialised resources

Expert team of instructors and coaches with over 200 years of combined expertise in academics supported with seamlessly adaptive technology.

Our Expert Resources

Online Learning Platform

At CourseLeap, we offer courses that blend premium resources with seamlessly adaptive technology to create a dynamic learning environment. Our Online Learning Platform engages students, enabling us to offer high-quality virtual classrooms that meet international benchmarks. Our immersive programs feature custom online resources and video content where the delivery of our courses has been developed to capitalise on the digitisation of our platform. The platform allows for differentiated course offerings including live lessons with CL Live, self-paced courses with CL Self Paced Study, and a hybrid approach with CL Accelerated. This approach has transformed CourseLeap into a one stop solution for every student’s successful admissions into top universities abroad.

Methodology - Accomplished Faculty

Our Accomplished Faculty

Our expert team of teachers and coaches have over 200 years of combined expertise in academics, and are industry veterans in their respective subject fields. Strongly international in perspective and highly established masters of their profession, they have served as IB examiners, workshop leaders, and Indian representatives in international Olympiads. We have an established onboarding process, with multiple evaluations and rigorous online training. Regular observation classes and demo sessions are supported with critical teacher evaluations that ensure that our teachers uphold strict academic benchmarks.

Course Delivery


Course Planning & Structure

Our faculty conceptualise, design, and deliver intellectually stimulating courses that comply with IB and Cambridge practices. Tutors ensure realistic pacing based on each student’s abilities, academic goals, and school curriculum standards. Our module-based courses have clearly defined objectives and learning outcomes mapped to relevant school programs, while our consolidated approach to learning encourages higher-level thinking skills and academic growth.

Our teaching approach provides a comprehensive 360-degree academic solution. Our faculty utilises concept-based discussion techniques to create an environment conducive to enhanced learning by leveraging in-house resources, study routines, and procedures. We provide doubt clarification sessions that utilise a 2-teacher collaboration model, so that teaching is meticulously addressed, while student doubts and problem areas needing reinforcement are also systematically tracked.

teaching techniques

Teaching Techniques


Assessments and Performance Tracking

Continuous performance tracking is undertaken to achieve top results that include homework, tutorials and high-quality mock exams. Our assessments align with current syllabi and established curriculum standards, with  grading based on the pre-defined criteria for Communication, Problem Solving, and Computational skills. Our courses offer detailed feedback, with correction tools for self-assessment and comprehensive progress reports.

At CourseLeap, we inspire our students to reach for the highest academic standards. We closely monitor our students’ progress and develop a personalised academic response in terms of improvisation strategies as per each student’s learning requirements. By creating a well-balanced, responsive support system, our students can feel secure as they aspire to the heights of academic success and independent development.


Student Support


Academic Guidance

As pioneers in academic bridging, we offer comprehensive goal setting, course planning, and subject mapping for our students. Our foundational courses focus on preparing students for success in 11th-12th grades and beyond, with a long-term focus on scholarship readiness at a global level. Our academic guidance supports profile building, offering personalised course recommendations based on ability, interests, and career aspirations to ensure students reach their full potential.