Our Story

CourseLeap was founded in 2016 by Yogesh Dhingra, an experienced educator who foresaw the challenges students face in preparing for academic and professional success in an increasingly globalised and competitive world. She recognised a disconnect between current academic practices, students’ potential and global standards of disciplined learning and academic excellence. Hence CourseLeap was created to optimise students’ potentials through enrichment and accelerated learning, within an intellectually competent and preparatory approach.

CourseLeap offers unique, tailored solutions through two verticals: schools and students. Our school services are offered through CourseLeap Consult (CLC) while our courses for students are delivered under our services of CourseLeap Math (CLM) and CourseLeap Plus (CLP).Through CLC, CourseLeap has collaborated with a host of international schools across the country including Strawberry Fields High School, Chandigarh; Neev Academy, Bangalore; Woodstock School, Mussoorie, Heritage International Xperiential Learning School, Gugaon and Neeraja Modi International School, Jaipur.

CourseLeap is an online tutoring network of experienced educators who are as passionate about learning, as they are about teaching. We offer personalised tutoring solutions through a range of immersive courses with differentiated delivery options for different types of learners. Rooted in international perspectives with creative educational approaches, our courses are tailored to the individual needs of students while maintaining the highest academic standards.



Further Course Expansion and Launch of our LMS with Live and Hybrid Course Offerings

Diversification into specialised courses for a host of international competitive maths exams along with Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science for the IB and IGCSE.

In 2022 the CourseLeap team began formally using our Learning Management System to deliver IB courses and mathematics competitive courses. Teachers were trained to effectively utilise tools and techniques through a systemised approach to technology.


Academic Expansion Beyond Maths and Digital Transformation

Further expansion of CourseLeaps educational offerings, with a focus on academic success for younger student groups to prepare for university demands. Additionally, tutoring for the US-based Advanced Placement exams, as well as university preparatory courses was successfully initiated.

CourseLeap began online tutoring during the Covid-19 pandemic, digitising classes while maintaining a traditional classroom ethos, and expanded global reach with efficient and accessible technology to amplify learning.


Launch of Non-Maths Courses with CourseLeap Plus

CourseLeap Plus (CLP) is initiated with the Pre-IB Interdisciplinary TOK Summer Course. CourseLeap Plus aims to ensure that students are fully prepared for success in upper secondary and beyond through the acquisition of rigorous academic, language, and technical skills.

A successful pilot of new maths IB courses expands CourseLeaps portfolio of expertise. Subject offerings are expanded with the introduction of English courses.


Launch of CourseLeap Maths and CourseLeap Consult

The CourseLeap educational platform is launched with its flagship student vertical in maths via CLM, and school consulting services via CLC.

CourseLeap Maths (CLM) is launched with the pilot courses of Pre IB Maths, IBDP HL Maths Revision courses, and AMC 10 and AMC 12.

The demand and response from students and parents enabled CourseLeap to experience rapid growth, expanding into 10 countries. As word of our customised range of services and exceptional quality has spread, we have been able to offer more courses to bridge the academic gap. We now offer many maths and non-maths courses ranging from the short term (such as Pre-IB, Mid-IB and Revision courses) to the full term (Maths, Science, English and Humanities courses amongst others), as well as guidance and research work for Internal Assessments and Extended Essays in the IBDP.

Building on the successes we have enjoyed in guiding current and past cohorts of students, we are gearing up to support students around the globe as a one-stop solution for academic success. We will be looking at adding further courses in demand by students, in subject areas such as Sciences, Math, Humanities and Computing catering to students from the major international curricula.

Join our team of highly qualified instructors, learn from our in-house training programme and deliver educational courses at a global standard. Visit our Careers page and start making a difference in education today.