CourseLeap was originally conceived, and continues to develop, not out of any single abstract educational philosophy or rigid model of teaching, but from the long teaching experience of its founder and her collaborators in the challenges faced by today’s students as they prepare for academic and professional success in an increasingly globalised and competitive world.

CourseLeap teaching is strongly international in perspective, creative in its educational approaches to the individual needs of its students, yet also committed to inspiring in them the highest academic standards. It achieves this by attracting teachers from all over the world who are established masters of their profession, whose love of learning equals their love of teaching and who are passionate about the possibilities of education as an art as well as a science. Most of our collaborating teachers, as well as the founder, have acquired much of their experience in schools offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

CourseLeap offers unique, tailored solutions through two verticals: schools and students. Our school services are offered through CourseLeap Consult (CLC) while our student courses are delivered under our services of CourseLeap Math (CLM) and CourseLeap Plus (CLP)

Building on the successes we have enjoyed in guiding current and past cohorts of students across schools in India, we support students and schools around the globe who could similarly benefit from our teachers’ expertise. Thus, our journey has just begun and we look forward to expanding and meeting the needs of students and institutions, and empowering them to succeed in international education.

Student Services

  • Pre IB Math
  • American Math Competition (AMC 10) 
  • IB Math Revision Courses
  • American Math Competition (AMC 12)
  • Pre-Univ Further Math Course - Statistics
  • Intro to IB Core  - TOK, Extended Essay, CAS
  • Pre IB English
  • Refresher Courses: TOK- Presentation & Essay Writing 
  • High School Accelerator English - Read, Write, Interpret and Analyse Level 1
  • High School Accelerator
  • Math - Art of Problem Solving
  • SAT 2 Math
  • High School Accelerator: Public Speaking 
  • Pre University Course:
  • Academic Skill Writing & Research Approaches
  • Pre University Math Courses
  • AP Calculus AB/BC, Math Calculus I, II, Multivariable Calculus 
  • Data Analytics & Math Application using Microsoft Excel
  • American Math Competition (AMC 8)
  • High School Accelerator English - Read, Write, Interpret & Analyse Level 1, 2, 3, English IGCSE Exam Prep Intensive: Read Interpret Analyse & Articulate 
  • Pre-IB Spanish
  • Pre-IB Economics
  • Pre-IB Computer Science
  • American Invitational Mathematics
  • Examination (AIME) Advanced Summer
  • School Prep - SuMac & Promys
  • Asian Math Olympiads (HKIMO/ SASMO/ SEAMO/ TIMO)
  • University Course: AP Statistics
  • Digitized AMC 10, 12, AP Calculus courses
  • IBD English Exam Intensive: Individual Oral (IO)
  • IBD English Exam Intensive (Paper 1)