Art of Problem Solving and Data Analytics

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Course Concept

Developing problem-solving skills and statistical literacy are critical components of any well-rounded maths education which involves investigative approaches, skills of proofs and reasoning as well as data handling, and applications to real world problems.

Courseleap offers courses that can help students acquire these skills such that they can build their academic profile and enhance their abilities to achieve success in the future. It helps students go beyond basic maths concepts and explore more complex problem-solving techniques. Through a variety of proofs and problems, students can develop their ability to manipulate variables and discover patterns or approaches that lead to new insights. 

We also inculcate statistical literacy, algorithmic thinking, and data modelling through utilising powerful spreadsheet-oriented techniques and visual representations of information, such that students can accurately assess situations and make better decisions. 

These courses are designed for motivated students in grades 8-10 and assume a basic knowledge of maths concepts. They can lay a strong foundation for competitive exams and advanced maths courses in high school, while also gaining skills that are increasingly in demand in today’s world. With CourseLeap’s focus on quality education and engaging learning experiences, these courses can help students excel and succeed in their academic and professional pursuits.

  • Learn how to use mathematical softwares to enhance understanding

  • Understand trends based on types of charts

  • Learn to visualise maths in new ways

  • Engage in several classroom activities and hands on work

High School Accelerator Math Courses

Who is it for?

Courses we offer

Art of problem solving

Ideal for

Grade 8 - 10


13 Weekends

Total hours

Up to 60 hours

The Art of Problem solving (AOP) course exposes students to a variety of proofs and problems, including famous theorems proved by great mathematicians. It aims to inspire students and help them develop the ability to manipulate variables and to discover patterns or approaches leading to new insights for problem solving. This will broaden their knowledge and understanding of well-known results and how to apply them in various new situations.

Course objectives 

  • Learn to use various types of reasoning and proof building skills.
  • Apply and adapt appropriate strategies to solve problems.
  • Develop patience and persistence in problem solving.
  • Develop strong analytical skills through practice of advanced maths problems.
  • Learn to apply technology and software tools in a mathematical context.
  • Appreciate understanding of how maths has progressed over centuries.
  • Encourage group and individual explorations and investigations.
  • Learn how maths has been helping sciences and various applications in real life context.
  • Lay a strong foundation for international maths competitions.
  • Provides students an edge in their study of school maths.

Data Analytics and Math Application using Microsoft Excel

Ideal for

Grade 7 - 10


23 - 24 hours

Total hours

6 - 8 days

This course will help students unlock the power of data using the data analysis and visualisation tools built into Excel. Active student engagement is at the heart of the course. Bringing visual, hands-on exercises into the learning process will turn students from almost passive spectators into active participants.

Each teaching module includes practical examples that show how to apply the techniques to real-world problems that require data handling and analysis. We inculcate foundational concepts, including basic statistical calculations, in students after which they will learn how to visualise data, relationships, and future results with Excel’s histograms, graphs, and charts.

Course objectives 

  • Mastering the basics of Excel and visualisation of data.
  • Understanding trends based on types of charts.
  • Introduction to Data Analysis including Mean, Median, Mode, Quartiles and Outliers.
  • Working with Percentiles and Frequency Curves.
  • Learning about correlation, simple regression analysis and curve fitting.
  • Applying learnings to real-life data and case studies through Finale tasks.

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“This course really helped me learn a lot, I did not think there was that much to learn about excel. The activities and course content was very planned and it was interesting to learn more. Mr. Verma, our instructor, was very good, you could tell he knew a lot about the subject.”

Nicolas Vucinic

American School of Bombay, Mumbai, Grade 9, IB MYP, 2022. High School Accelerator - 2022

“I feel the learning experience was really fun. Mohit Sir had a lot of knowledge on the topic and learning with Sir was also really fun. The course was well managed, it felt just like learning in class better! actually even better. This really helped me to open up to a different world of data analytics. The final tasks were really engaging and interesting. I really liked the course and have gained immense knowledge.”

Anirudh Suri

Indian International School, Dubai, Grade 8, CBSE, 2022. High School Accelerator - 2022

“This course has helped me a lot. It has helped me learn data analytics and how to handle excel as a whole a lot better. I think the course was handled in a very professional and good manner.”

Kyra Mahindru

Dhirubhai Ambani International school, Mumbai, Grade 8, IGCSE, 2022. High School Accelerator - 2022

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prisha jani
Siddharth Puri

Engaging and Informative

Prior to this course, I had no knowledge of how to use the MS excel software, but after this course I feel like I can use the software on a daily basis. My knowledge of data analytics has also increased and I think that I can apply the skills I learnt in my daily life.

3 years ago
Ahana Kanoi, Grade 8, Dhirubhai Ambani International School
Siddharth Puri

Data and Analysis - Level 1

This course was not only interactive but taught me a lot about excel and math from probabilities to data visualizations. I learnt a lot from all the different ways to use excel. This will help me lots in school and life. The teacher – Mohit Sir – was very fun and made everything interesting. I really enjoyed doing this course!

3 years ago
Raj Chauhan
Siddharth Puri

Amazing course

When I joined I only knew the basics of ms excel but with this course I discovered many new features and learnt so much. Our teacher was very interactive and helped us whenever we got stuck.I really loved this course

3 years ago
Sumair SIngh
Siddharth Puri

Data and analysis - level 1

this course was the perfect balance of work and fun. it was very interactive and taught me a lot about excel and how math can be done in many ways I never knew even existed. Overall I would say that is you are looking to learn about excel you should one hundred percent do this course.

3 years ago
Sumair Singh, Grade 8, Dhirubhai Ambani International School
Siddharth Puri

Data and analysis - level 1

this course was the perfect balance between fun and work it taught me a lot about excel that I would have probably never known had I not done this course. if there is anyone out there that knows nothing about excel and wants to just get a basic understanding of what excel is I would 100% suggest you do this course to help increase your excel knowledge.

3 years ago
Anuradha Shetty
Siddharth Puri

Microsoft Excel

A very well conceptualised program for the children . Mrs Dhingra ‘s passion towards creating a par excellent educational program so that our children could be on par with the educational system world over is very evident. The children were given tips and short cut methods to solve their problems . This would certainly help them in their Maths solving capabilities moving forward .
Mr Mohit Verma their teacher was extremely patient and was always ready to solve any and all children’s queries no matter how many times it was required to be explained .
Here’s wishing the team all the very best in their endeavour to create a high standard of education for our children .

3 years ago
Arham Bhansali
Siddharth Puri

Best Math Course EVER!!!

To summarize, I really enjoyed the Art of Problem Solving, especially because of the diversity of topics that we got to learn and the numerous class discussions that were held. Overall, I really had a blast.

3 years ago
Arham Bhansali
Siddharth Puri

Best Math Course EVER!!!

To summarize, I really enjoyed the Art of Problem Solving, especially because of the diversity of topics that we got to learn and the numerous class discussions that were held. Overall, I really had a blast. …—

3 years ago
Jiya Chotrani ( Jamnabai Narsee School )
Siddharth Puri

A very different and interesting side of Math

This course was completely different and much more fun from school math. I learn’t a lot more and this course has really expanded my knowledge in math to a great extent.

3 years ago
Shivansh Gupta, Heritage International Xperiential School, Grade 8, IGCSE, 2021
Siddharth Puri

A new Math

These classes were very helpful for building my foundation for Maths. They not only taught the “what” aspects of Math, but more importantly the “why” aspect of Math, through multiple activities and videos that always kept me engaged. They had scheduled doubt clarification sessions (according to our preferred timings) and they solved every question I had in great depth! The teachers made the class extremely engaging and I could not be distracted from Maths for a single second. Lastly, they always gave a good amount of homework to practice, which really helped me remember these Maths concepts. Overall the “Art of Problem Solving” course was one that I will never forget!

3 years ago
Anirudh Suri
Siddharth Puri

Data Analysis - Level 1

This course really helped to open me up to a new world of Excel and its Statistical applications. I really liked the course, especially the Finale the tasks were really engaging but managed to be really fun and exciting at the same time. I will surely continue to work with Excel in my daily life. One thing I can say for sure is that hereafter I will look at Data in another way.

2 years ago
Diya Srivastava
Siddharth Puri

Interesting Math Course

This math course is very different that anything I’ve learnt in school, it’s very engaging, and makes me like math a lot more. It definitely has expanded my general math knowledge, and I really enjoyed it.

2 years ago
Devasya Agarwal
Siddharth Puri

The Art of Problem Solving

Throughout the course, we learnt many aspects of Maths. Not only was the learning abundant, the fun was too.
We loved the different puzzles, and enjoyed playing with Mathematics.
The best part was that we could learn along the way.
We got a peek into The Art of Problem Solving.

2 years ago
Navya Agarwal
Siddharth Puri

A Fun Mathematical Course

I really enjoyed this course. Along with understanding different mathematical concepts, we also did a lot of problem solving that helped us understand why and how certain formulas were derived. Along with that, we were also able to do different puzzles and riddles that spanned across the 2hr classes. Overall, I had a really fun time learning about various concepts in the course.

2 years ago

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