Pre IB Summer Programme

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Course Concept

This course provides students with a head start in their IB Math journey, as it imparts essential skills and lays the robust mathematical foundations to succeed in IB. The course delivery enforces IB-compliant practices in content from prior learning to the first term syllabus, teaching styles, use of GDC, IB exam and IA techniques for the math exploration ultimately resulting in significantly higher chances of achieving top results at school.

CourseLeap’s Pre IB Math courses are specifically designed to match the unique learning needs of both MAA (Math Analysis and Approaches) and MAI (Math Applications and Interpretation) students.

Pre IB Math
  • Learn to independently tackle IBDP Math problems in an advanced and unfamiliar setting

  • Develop multiple problem solving strategies & skills of investigation and modeling

  • Unpack the IBDP’s Math exploration with insights to criteria

  • Enjoy a fun, well rounded and effective introduction into IBDP Math

The courses are designed to help students of all abilities succeed in their school’s math program.

  • Ideal for 10th-grade students entering grade 11 IBDP
  • We have separate batches for HL & SL Pre IB Math Courses.
  • Students of Math AA (Analysis and Approaches) and Math AI (Applications and Interpretation) equally benefit from HL and SL courses.
  • Students who are considering Higher Level Math or who are unsure about their level of proficiency will receive additional support material and assistance provided to achieve success in this course.
  • To prepare for the demands of IB Higher Level Maths, students can take advantage of the Pre IB Math HL programme. IGCSE students who have completed grade 10 Additional Math in particular will find this course highly beneficial and can take advantage of the CourseLeap Accelerated (Self-Guided + live) 0r completely Self-Paced course options.

Course Objectives

Bridge the differences between learning until the 10th grade and those demanded by the IBDP

Improve skills of problem solving and critical thinking, investigative approaches and mathematical proof skills with our comprehensive toolkit

In-depth learning and application of the first term syllabus and beyond

Acquaint students with Internal Assessment criteria and format of Math Exploration and then submit a mini task to reinforce learnings

Impart advanced skills needed to effectively use a Graphic Display Calculator

Develop work habits that will enable you to succeed in IBDP-Math programme


Fully led and supported by the instructors for real time delivery

Recommended for students who:



Comprehensive resources for self use + live sessions by faculty for advanced level work

Recommended for students who:


Self paced course with topic wise recordings and quizzes for an independent learner

Recommended for students who:

Course Details

Pre IB Math SL

Ideal for

10th graders who are planning to pursue the IBDP in grade 11


3 weeks

Total hours

45 hours

Pre IB Math HL

Ideal for

10th Graders who are planning to pursue the IBDP in grade 11


3 weeks

Total hours


Batches will be separate for AA and AI Math students

Following the personalised and group Pre IB courses, unlisted courses are available on request.

How can we help

Please refer to the Contact Us page if you need help deciding courses or have any other inquiries so we can understand your needs. The appropriate team member will get in touch with you shortly.


“The course has helped me increase my confidence in solving IB style questions. Our instructors were amazing, they were able to teach the topic in detail with various approaches and derive each concept.”

Pratyush Goyal

Symbiosis International School, Pune, IGCSE, 2022. Pre IB Math HL

“The Pre IB course has helped me relieve my stress about IB math. It was very well planned, the resources provided were very effective and made the learning smooth and understandable. The instructors are very experienced with a deep understanding of every topic, they were very supportive and always ready to clear all our doubts and make us understand the topic again and again, therefore learning was easy with them.”


Rishi Sai Kattunga

The Woodridge High School, Aurangabad, CBSE, 2022, Pre IB Math HL

“IB math doesn’t just expect an answer to a question, it requires reasoning, analysing and critical thinking. In my earlier studies we never used any form of technology and now we get to learn about and use many different types of technology. The tutorial and quizzes  were helpful in revising and testing our knowledge. Rohit Sir, is a wonderful teacher! He was extremely patient and explained the topics really well at a good pace through the class. Shreyasi ma’am was supportive and accommodating, she solved my doubts and explained them extremely well. The course has equipped me with enough and more knowledge to confidently enter the IBDP Programme and will surely help me significantly as we go on to do math throughout the year.”

Shrshti Santhosh

Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, ICSE, 2021, Pre IB Math SL

“IB maths is quite different from what we had learnt previously as it encourages us to not use a standard method or a formula on how to solve questions but pushes us to find an elegant and intuitive way out. Our instructors were absolutely fabulous along with the peer mentors who were able to identify exactly what our confusion or doubts were and explained them quite clearly. I think this is a great attribute of a teacher to be able to identify what is on the mind of their student. The course also gave me a real taste of how writing an Internal Assessment would look like. It also helped us to get familiarized with the use of technology.”

Indrasena Reddy

Delhi Private School (DPS), Dubai, CBSE, 2021. Pursued IBDP at The International School Bangalore, Pre IB Math HL

“This Pre IB course helped me revise and understand most concepts with much needed clarity, as IB Math is much harder. The course also taught me a better work ethic. The quizzes were good consolidation activités and most of all challenging which made it fun as we interacted with new people. ​​Miss Dhingra is very knowledgeable and is excellent at what she’s teaching. The use of various softwares to make the virtual environment more engaging was very effective.”

Divansh Bajaj

The British School, New Delhi, IGCSE, 2021, Pre IB Math HL

Priyanka Iyer’s parents speak about Pre IB Math Summer Course interview with ChetChat:

Pre IB Math student Prisha Punjwani sharing her experience:

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