CourseLeap Plus MATH (CLM)

CourseLeap Math (CLM) aims to accelerate students’ mathematical abilities and maximise learning potential through quality courses and robust teaching principles.

CLM offers courses that emphasize skill development and mastering advanced mathematical strategies. Each course is focussed on student achievement and is taught through theme-based modules. CLM aims to help students strive for excellence by being persistent problem-solvers regardless of unfamiliar or daunting concepts. Our courses focus on the heuristics of problem solving and appreciate different ways of solving – graphically, analytically and through technological simulations.

Pre-IB and IB Diploma courses – Grade 11-12

A head start with Pre-IB in the summer before entering Grade 11 of IBD and our various personalised and tailor made programs help students to excel in school and achieve their academic goals that can secure their admission to top international universities.

Pre-IB Math Course

(Summer before Grade 11)

Mid-IB Math Course

(Summer before Grade 12)

IB Math Revision Course

(Grade 11 - 12)

Personalised IB Math Tutorials

(Grade 9-12)

Guidance for Math Internal Assessment and Extended Essay

(Grade 11-12)

International Math Competitions: Prep Courses – All curricula

Our competitive math courses are ideal for students in grades 7 to 12, and are recommended for those with a love of mathematics and a desire to acquire advanced thinking opportunities beyond those seen in school Math.

American Math Competition (AMC 8, 10 & 12)

(Grade 8 - 12)

Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC), University of Waterloo

(Grade 8 - 12)


(Grade 10 - 12)

Pre-University Courses – All curricula

Our pre-university courses are ideal for students studying/ studied ICSE, CBSE, ISC, HSC, A Level or IB students (Grade 9 – 12/ post Grade 12) planning to pursue study overseas after completion of Grade 12 Boards

Calculus 1-2/, Calculus 3-Multivariable Calculus

(After Grade 12)

Data Analytics and Math Application with Microsoft Excel (Level 2)

(Grade 9 - Pre University)

High School Accelerator Math Courses – All curricula

Our HSA courses are for students from Grade 7 to 10 from diverse curricula enabling them to move seamlessly into high school and ensuring students’ success in upper secondary school and university.

Math: Art of Problem Solving (AOP)

(Grade 8 - 10)

Data Analytics and Math Application with Microsoft Excel (Level 1)

(Grade 6 - 8)

Course Faculty

Yogesh Dhingra

Mrs. Yogesh Dhingra

Founder, Academic Advisor and
Chief Instructor

Ankush Jain

Consultant & Lead Instructor AMC 10 & 12

Rohit Gupta

Instructor AMC 8 & CEMC |
AP Calculus Course

Mohit Verma

Lead Instructor Data Analytics &
Math Applications with MS Excel
Shreyasi Kundra

Shreyasi Kundra

Content Developer & Assistant Instructor
AMC 8 | AP Courses

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