AP Statistics

Course Concept

The study of Statistics is an important tool today to understand a vast majority of data. The importance of statistics has increased greatly as with ever increasing data, we can easily make hypotheses to do testing on the data and see where things go from our prior experiences. It also helps us understand the probability of things around us including something as simple as playing a game of cards to the rate of death of heart patients given certain factors.

Knowledge of Statistics gives us a solid background for quantitative reasoning in all majors and is favoured by most admission officers in STEM, Business and Social Sciences (including economics) majors. Studying AP statistics can prove to colleges that you are ready to challenge yourself and have diverse interests. Thus, it is an easy way to gain credit in college.

Who is it for ?

This course is primarily for students who are interested in mathematics, ready to challenge themselves and have a solid mathematics base upto 10th grade. It is equally useful for students from Social Sciences & STEM majors.

Students who are studying-

  • IB Math Analysis and Approaches at Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL)
  • IB Math Application & Interpretation at Standard Level (SL)
  • CBSE/ ISC in 10th, 11th or 12th grade
  • Any other national curriculum
  • Any other students recommended by faculty are recommended to take this course

*This course assumes no prior knowledge of statistics.



Selecting statistical methods


Data Analysis


Using Probability & Simulation


Statistical Argumentation

Course Details

Ideal for

Grade 10 - Pre-University


3-6 Months

Total hours

50 Hours

The course includes: teaching, assessments, doubt clarification, homework and progress reports for all Batches

Batches running in November – Check our Monthly calendar for course dates

How can we help

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“The course was planned out really well, and every class we focused on a specific module. The instructor also shared several helpful resources with us which were extremely useful. The homework provided was also supportive since I was able to find conceptual mistakes immediately after class, saving time”

Aditi Ladda

Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai, Grade 11, IBDP, 2022. AP Courses - 2022

“I immensely enjoyed the course. Throughout the course, even the most difficult topics were explained in an easy way. It kept the topics interesting and fun to engage in. The various videos, tests and homework questions were very useful in furthering my understanding. The course was very well organised, with a good breakdown and pacing of content. Would definitely recommend this.”

Nikasha Parashar

Sanskriti School, Delhi, Grade 9, CBSE, 2022. AP Courses - 2022


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