Centre For Education in Mathematics & Computing (CEMC), University of Waterloo

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Course Concept

Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) is Canada’s largest organization for promoting and creating mathematics activities and resources. CEMC is housed within the faculty of mathematics at the University of Waterloo and organizes various contests for students in grade 5 to 12 round the year.

These are online contests that assess a student’s problem-solving skills and logical thinking. Writing CEMC contests present students with the opportunity to connect with the global community of mathematics enthusiasts.The difficulty level of these contests are intermediate level and primarily focused on cultivating love for mathematics amongst students. Thus, these contests challenge students around the world with a range of ability to grow logical thinking and problem solving skills.


  • Students from grade 9-11 across all curricula who want to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills and want to learn mathematics beyond their school level.
  • Grade 7-8 students who were part of our AMC-8 prep course are also welcome to join this course.
  • Motivated students of grade 8 who wish to challenge themselves beyond their grade level
  • Students who are in CourseLeap’s AMC-10 and AMC-12 prep course need not to join.



Teach Students transferrable problem-solving skills for math at school and beyond.


Provide a challenging course in mathematics across curricula.


Develop in students the capacity for learning and clear logical thinking.


Covers nuanced and exam-specific problem-solving strategies and methods to increase speed and accuracy.


Rigorously practice past test papers followed by doubt sessions.


Provide a gateway to students wishing to pursue STEM courses in future.

Course Details

Ideal for

Grade 9, 10 & 11


8 Weeks (Jan & Feb)

Total hours

35 hours


  • The 35 hours course will be delivered in about 20 sessions in seven-weeks. 
  • 14 Classes of 1 hours 45 minutes will be held on weekends (every Saturday and Sunday).
  • Tight student support through doubt clarification, premium problem solving and feedback is an integral part of CourseLeap philosophy for excellent results.
  • Weekly Doubt clarification sessions (6 in total) will be held separately for grade 8 & 9 and 10 & 11 on every Thursday. 
  • These sessions will involve rigorous teaching, mock tests, home assignments and doubt sessions.


14th February to 21st February 2021

Saturday & Sunday – Module based teaching + Complex problem solving + Test Prep

Thursday –  Doubt Clarifications + Feedbacks


Both the art of problem solving course and the AMC courses are essential for anyone who wants to take the AMC. All of the content is covered in a way that is engaging, understandable and can make anyone interested in math. A big thanks to Courseleap for the super helpful amc courses!

Anamika Changrani

Rastogi, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, AMC-10, 2019- 20. Qualified for AIME in 2020.

Courseleap’s teaching modules for the AMC exams comprehensively cover the vast content of the AMC exam in a matter of weeks.

Sahil Rane

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Currently IB Higher Level Math student of Year 12, AMC-12, 2019-20. Qualified for AIME in 2020.

Regular testing and practice are key for clearing the AMC and the teachers made sure to target that. Learning how to strategize attempting the paper and focus on selected topics helped in gaining a well-rounded view of the exam.

Arjun Pawar

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Currently IB Higher Level Math student of Year 12, AMC-12, 2019-20, Qualified for AIME in 2020.

CourseLeap has been one of my best academic experiences. It has improved not only my math but also my analytical and logical thinking skills. The course prepares you to take not only the AMC but equips you to participate in other competitive examinations as well. I highly recommend it for its hands on teaching and immense focus on building concepts.

Shiv Kampani

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, AMC 10 & 12 for 2018, 2019, 2020. Qualified for AIME in 2020.

The AMC-12 course has helped me overcome some of my flaws not only in math, but also in life like being more patient and thinking before answering. I also got to see the proofs for many stated formulae/facts that helped solve other problems. I learnt to think out of the box and get a reason for every explanation, making it easier to remember them. Different strategies taught to us for improving test- taking abilities were great.

Sannat Bhasin

Former IB Higher Level Math student at JamnaBai Narsee International School, Mumbai, joined CourseLeap for AMC-12 Course Year 2017-18. He is now pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the University of Toronto since August 2019. He got a distinction in the University of Waterloo conducted CEMC Contest of FERMAT. He also got a silver medal at the infinity challenge at the ABWA (Aditya Birla World Academy) in the year 2019. He credits this achievement to his AMC prep course.

The course was very well organized and the classes were well executed. The concepts and skills I learnt here are transferable to various fields like Physics and Computer Science and Problem Solving in general.

Riyaan Bakhda

Former IB Higher Level Math student of Year 12, at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, joined CourseLeap AMC Courses in the Year 2017-18. (Riyaan was awarded an Honours Roll for AMC 10. Honours Roll students are the top 5% internationally and cleared for AIME, American Invitational Math Examinations, the qualifying criteria for which is to be in the top 2.5 percentile in the world. He was invited to take part in the Math Fest AMC, Conference in Cincinnati in July 2019). He is currently studying Computer Science & Maths at the University of Columbia from 2020.

The AMC-12 Course introduced more challenging questions than school math and taught me problem-solving techniques that I have not and probably will not learn in school. The support and follow up was excellent and ensured that I did my homework and stayed on track.

Aarushi Majumder

Former Higher Level IB Math student at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, joined CourseLeap for Pre-IB Math Course, SAT and History online courses and AMC-12 Course in the Year 2017- 18. Aarushi finished in the top 2.5% and reached level 2, and was invited to take part in AIME (American Invitational Math Exam) in 2018. Aarushi is a peer mentor to our students at CourseLeap and has been studying at Stanford University since September 2019.

I think that the AMC-8 prep course at CourseLeap really helped me understand math beyond just learning formulas and doing the same type of sums over and over again. There were no 2 sums alike, and there were various ways we could solve a sum. As an ICSE student, we usually do math straight from the textbook and don’t really do anything challenging. I think this opened up my mind on how to use math in different situations.

Soha Aggarwal

The Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, ICSE, AMC 8, 2020

In the AMC-8 Prep Course we learnt new techniques and methods to solve problems efficiently and well. What I liked best about the course was how interactive it was. I never had a single doubt unanswered and I think that is what made it unique. The homework was always enough and well-compiled.

Abhimanyu Singh

rade 7, Oberoi International School, Mumbai, MYP, AMC 8, 2020

The thing I liked most about the AMC 8 course was the fact that I learned so many new topics and now ahead of my classmates in some of the topics in school.

Kabir Sara

Grade 9, JBCN International, Mumbai, IGCSE, AMC (Joined for strengthening of foundational concepts), 2020

How can we help

Please refer to the Contact Us page if you need help deciding courses or have any other inquiries so we can understand your needs. The appropriate team member will get in touch with you shortly.

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Abhimanyu Singh

Great Courses

I have taken three courses until now of CourseLeap, and all of them have been exceptional. I have learnt a lot in all of those courses and they have really helped me excel. The first course I took was the AMC 8 course which led me to get a 23/25 and a Distinguished Honour Roll in the exam. After that, I took the Data Analytics and CEMC courses, and I am just as positive that I will do as well in all of them thanks to CL’s guidance.

7 months ago
Arhav Thakkar

It was an amazing course, and I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and the teachers were great.

7 months ago
Arrman Sanganeria

A great course where a myriad of strategies and approaches are taught and explained.

7 months ago
Aneesh Kumar

CEMC Prep Course

The CEMC course has helped me understand the pattern of the paper, and learn creative ways to solve problems. It also helped me avoid making careless mistakes. We learned indispensable strategies for improving test-taking abilities which were wonderful, and honed our problems solving skills in an engaging and enjoyable manner!

7 months ago
Rushil Khandelwal

Coursleap CEMC

In my journey to achieve a high mark for the Cayley 2021 exam, I was puzzled as to what the steps for my learning should be. For this reason, I took a recommendation from my career counsellor and chanced upon this centre for education. Coursleap provides teachers for its students to be able to comprehensively grasp concepts with a personal touch, leading to a higher plane of understanding of advanced mathematical topics. After going through with the course, I have reached a stage that I didn’t think I could have reached using independent learning styles. I would take the opportunity to learn from this centre in a heartbeat if I went back in time.

7 months ago
Aakrit Singhal

CEMC Prep Course

I was a part of the CEMC Fermat and Hypatia 2021 prep course. The overall course structure and content was very organized and apt for the examinations, and the regular mock paper practice and doubt solving sessions helped me to improve my score and problem solving skills. The portal used to send weekly practice questions and papers was extremely useful.

7 months ago

Review Centre For Education in Mathematics & Computing (CEMC), University of Waterloo.

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