Math: Art of Problem Solving

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Course Concept

Mathematics is a subject that is best understood through the lens of its problem solving techniques. Math is less of applying formulae and more of an art. It is a continuous learning approach, which starts from the formulation of the problem statement. Problem solving is a skill that is acquired through patient thinking and experience. The Art of Problem solving (AOP) course exposes students to a variety of proofs and problems, including famous theorems proved by great mathematicians. 

This course will help students go beyond simply numbers; to inspire and to develop the ability to manipulate variables and to discover patterns or approaches leading to new insights for problem solving. This will broaden their knowledge and understanding of well-known results and how to apply them in various new situations – a useful skill for further progress in understanding 21st century mathematics.

Each module in this course picks up an interesting topic and makes various meaningful connections to it for deeper conceptual understanding. Much of mathematics is developed in response to the needs of other disciplines. Problems will include real-life applications. These problems come packed with fun activities, which involve students working in groups, with the use of technology and modern software to understand the mathematical principles.

This course assumes a basic knowledge of geometry and algebra. The course focuses on a holistic upgrade in math reasoning skills, thereby laying a strong foundation for many competitive exams such as American Math Competition (AMC); The Center for Education in Maths and Computing, University of Waterloo (CEMC), and advanced Math courses in high school. It also aims to help students adapt to mathematical applications and technology that can enhance understanding of these concepts.

*This course is intended for students of national and international boards from Grade 8 to 10 who are motivated and want to develop a deeper level of understanding and application of math.



Learn to use various types of reasoning and proof building skills.


Apply and adapt appropriate strategies to solve problems.


Develop patience and persistence in problem solving.


Develop strong analytical skills through practice of advanced math problems.


Learn to apply technology and software tools in mathematical context.


Appreciate understanding of how math has progressed over centuries.


Encourage group and individual explorations and investigations.


Learn how math has been helping Sciences and various applications in real life context.


Lay a strong foundation for international math competitions.


Provides students an edge in their study of school math.

Course Details

Ideal for

Grade 8 - 10


13 Weekends

Total hours

Upto 60 hours


  • The course will be delivered in about 13 sessions on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • 40 hours of teaching sessions
  • 13 hours of personalised support for doubt clarification every Wednesday
  • 7 hours of continuous assessment – tutorials and homework, feedback, parent orientation & progress reports.


Batch 1

27th February, 5th to 27th March, 2nd to 10th April (Saturday & Sunday)

9:30am to 12:30pm*  OR  1:30pm to 4:30pm*

*Tentative Timings

Batch 2

9th to 31st July,  6th to 20th August (Saturday & Sunday)

9:30am to 12:30pm*  OR  1:30pm to 4:30pm*

*Tentative Timings


The mathematics which we learn in school has a very limited approach but in the course the mathematics which we taught had a very broad perspective. The best thing about this course was that there was always a surprise the next day. Different topics were covered each day and it was covered in a fun and creative way too. This has really impacted me and now look at mathematics with a different perspective.

Kabir Punjwani

Arya Vidya Mandir, Mumbai, Grade 9, ICSE, 2020

This course, firstly taught me a lot that I have not come across before and it gave me certain ways to think differently and inquire. This was different, because I felt we engaged with each other more rather than just doing regular individual tests and sums. The co-instructors were very helpful whenever I had to have my doubts answered in the Doubt sessions and regular sessions too at times. I really enjoyed learning concepts that you wouldn’t regularly come across in school. I am sure this will help me understand maths way better!

Vidit Bhimrajka

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Grade 8, IGCSE, 2020

I feel like we learnt a lot more about maths that was outside the current portion of our school, and we learnt it in a very fun and interesting way. The instructors were always pro active in class, and responded to questions immediately. They always had a different approach to all problems. I liked the fun ways in which we learnt maths topics, and it has taught me so many different perspectives in maths than school.

Abhinav Dangwal

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Grade 9, IGCSE, 2020

This course is different because in this course whenever we learn a new formula or a new way to do something, we are always taught why this happens and how it works. In school, however, we are just taught the formula not why it is used. I really enjoyed learning how to approach different topics differently. I also enjoyed the course because I learnt many new things about math and it made me enjoy it a lot.

Aradhitta Goenka

Bombay international School, Mumbai, Grade 8, IGCSE, 2020

The Art of Problem Solving course was my foundation for Maths competitions such as the AMC. It involves more thinking about the problem you are going to solve, how you will solve, and more importantly why it is solved in a particular way. In school, we are just given a formula and told that it is correct. It provided me with the skills I needed to take the AMC course as an eighth grader. Overall, it was a really interesting course and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go on to do well in Math competitions.

Anamika Changrani-Rastogi

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Grade 9, 2020

We discussed problems that were out of the box, which I would have thought were impossible. The way we learned about it was also really different from school, we had lots of hands-on activities that showed different methods to understand concepts.

Ahaan Vaknalli

Oberoi International School, Mumbai, Grade 10, 2020

School math often forgets to cover the theory behind a formula or constant but this course covered all of that and more.

Prabhav Jalan

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Grade 10, 2020

It’s completely different as there are much harder questions and the way its solved is completely different but much easier to understand.

Divyyansh Jain Nainutia

B.D Somani International School, Mumbai, Grade 10, 2020

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Arham Bhansali

Best Math Course EVER!!!

To summarize, I really enjoyed the Art of Problem Solving, especially because of the diversity of topics that we got to learn and the numerous class discussions that were held. Overall, I really had a blast.

5 months ago
Arham Bhansali

Best Math Course EVER!!!

To summarize, I really enjoyed the Art of Problem Solving, especially because of the diversity of topics that we got to learn and the numerous class discussions that were held. Overall, I really had a blast. …—

5 months ago
Jiya Chotrani ( Jamnabai Narsee School )

A very different and interesting side of Math

This course was completely different and much more fun from school math. I learn’t a lot more and this course has really expanded my knowledge in math to a great extent.

5 months ago
Shivansh Gupta, Heritage International Xperiential School, Grade 8, IGCSE, 2021

A new Math

These classes were very helpful for building my foundation for Maths. They not only taught the “what” aspects of Math, but more importantly the “why” aspect of Math, through multiple activities and videos that always kept me engaged. They had scheduled doubt clarification sessions (according to our preferred timings) and they solved every question I had in great depth! The teachers made the class extremely engaging and I could not be distracted from Maths for a single second. Lastly, they always gave a good amount of homework to practice, which really helped me remember these Maths concepts. Overall the “Art of Problem Solving” course was one that I will never forget!

5 months ago

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