Pre-IB Economics

Course Concept

Economics is among the most studied subjects in the IB diploma programme, particularly in the Asian region. Students with strong writing skill-sets and superior analytical abilities tend to succeed in this subject. Many students planning to pursue Economics in the IB diploma programme would not have had prior exposure to the subject in high school. This could be challenging at times because their peers in IB diploma would have already covered the fundamentals of the subject, which would give them an edge in quickly understanding the concepts taught. Also, the rigour of the IB Economics course and the pace of teaching and learning would make adapting to the new learning more demanding and time consuming.

The Pre-IB Economics (Level 1) course at CourseLeap is designed to cater to the learning needs of those students who have not studied Economics in the past. The concept based approach of course aims to develop an analytical bent of mind among its participants. On completion of the course, students should be able to think critically and apply economic theories to real world situations more comfortably, considering an array of possible outcomes of an economic phenomena or government intervention.

Assessments will be integrated into the learning process. There will be a range of oral and written assessments as per the nature of the topics taught. Interim and final feedback will be provided to students on the basis of their performance in the ongoing assessments. Parents will be given a final written feedback about the student’s progress.

Note: IB Economics has a new curriculum since August 2020. The first assessment of the course will be in May 2022. The new curriculum is quite different from the earlier versions with regards to approaches to teaching and learning as well as assessments. The IBO accentuates the role of a concept based pedagogical practice in teaching, learning and assessments. The new curriculum revolves around 9 key concepts and the assessments are considerably demanding, requiring a deeper understanding of economic theories, models and sophistication in the learners’ abilities to transfer learning to new contexts.



Bridge gap between Pre IB learning and the demands of the IB Economics course


Enable students to apply economic models and theories to real world situations


Develop abilities to identify economics in almost every world issue


Develop abilities to review economic contexts critically considering the possibilities of multiple outcomes


Develop skill sets to express ideas coherently


Develop abilities to write responses in a more organized fashion following an analytical approach and not descriptive


Develop skill sets to apply classroom learning to new situations which is often the nature of internal as well as external assessments in Economics.

Course Details

Ideal for

After Grade 10: Head Start to Grade 11


6 days

Total hours

18 hours


  • 14 hours of virtual teaching sessions 
  • 4 hours of continuous assessment – daily feedback, homework, internal assessment tasks, parent orientation, progress report

Date & Time for all Batches


3rd July (Sunday)

2:00pm – 6:00pm

4th to 8th July (Monday to Friday)

4:00pm – 6:00pm




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Mahir Ajmani

Pre-IB Econ Review

This was a really informative and well organized course. The instructor was well – informed about the IB format, and also the subject itself. Additionally, our instructor did a really good job at making sure we understood everything that was being taught, even in such a small time period. Overall, I really enjoyed the course and it was very well done.

6 months ago
Nentara Agarwal

Pre-IB Economics course

This course was very interesting and interactive. I had no previous exposure to this subject and the classes taught me the basics which will be very helpful when I start the IB program. We also had a lot of discussion and opportunities to raise questions and put forward our opinion in front of the class.

6 months ago
Iain Sandeep

The pre IB economics course was really fun. it made economics, a subject i was not familiar with fun and engaging. Our instructor never failed to make us understand all the topics no matter their level of difficulty and always helped us when we had doubts. it gave me a good base on which i could further improve my knowledge of economics in the future. the various assessments given both for class and homework were really enjoyable to complete and allowed me to see where i had improved and where i could improve further.

6 months ago
Sia Sehgal

Pre-IB economics: very helpful!

The Pre-Ib economics course not only gave me a deep insight into the world of economics which I never exposed myself to before, but also make me certain of my subject choice. Prior to this course, I was not sure if this subject was for me, but after Justin sir’s seamless explanations, easy to understand resources, and interactive sessions , I am 100% set on pursuing economics in the IB. It was an extremely interesting experience, and a must-do before to the real Ib course!

6 months ago
Indrasena Reddy

My Pre-IB economics journey

The Pre IB economics course was absolutely wonderful. It gave me a taste of how the IB Economics course is going to go. The course also introduced me to the very fundamentals of economics. The class was very interactive as we were able to analyse and evaluate a number of real life situations. There were also a number of written assignments that helped me understand what the IB program expects out of the student. Overall it was a great experience and it gave me the confidence to take on the IB program.

6 months ago
Manu Bawa

PRE IB Economics Course

I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot about Economics in just one week. We were more focused on Micro- Economics and also looked at real-life examples. We also worked on the ten and fifteen mark question commentary, so we are well prepared for it. Mr. Sebastian is a really good and supportive teacher. Always helped me when I was in doubt.

6 months ago

good interaction

we were exposed to many different real life cases and scenarios and told to analyse and evaluate them which truly helped get a good introduction to how IB Econ would look like. Loved how we were made to interact with the students and get to know about the different perspectives and ideas. . we also had to come up with solutions for problems which was fun. was an extremely helpful Course as I hadn’t done economics before, helped me become familiar with the subject in an interesting way.

6 months ago
Aman Kapoor

The website gives a good overview of the Pre-IB course and also speaks in detail about the overall subject of economics. Maybe providing further insight about the content of the pre-IB course and explicitly stating the aims of the course by the end of the 6 days would help a reader further. Apart from that, it’s great!

6 months ago

Review Pre-IB Economics.

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