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Course Concept

This course aims to prepare students from a variety of educational backgrounds to feel confident and well prepared to begin and then thrive in the study of English in the IB Diploma Programme. Our experienced teachers have developed the course to strengthen necessary skills that they have noticed tend to be weaker; thus focusing on the key areas that would give students who attend this course the edge – to have them start the IBDP with confidence in their knowledge base. The course will focus on textual analysis, writing an essay centred on a focused concept, becoming more independent in textual analysis and the use of relevant terminology. The course will support students in preparation for the study of either the IBDP Literature and Language A or Literature A courses.

Mr. Nick Pillow is our instructor for our Pre-IB English Course since the year 2020 and has taught English and Drama for almost fifteen years, both in London and, as head of Performing Arts at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai. He is the course instructor at CourseLeap for Pre – IB English and High School Accelerator for Public Speaking and English Written Communication.

Dr. Kanchi Das is also our instructor for Pre-IB English since 2021.She has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and assessing IB, IGCSE and the Common Core curricula. Dr. Das leads the English Department at Dubai International Academy and is an IB English Higher Level Examiner for Paper 2 and IA. She also supervises EEs and is an IB examiner for the same. Dr. Das is upskilled and experienced with the latest changes in the IB English syllabus from the year 2019 and has mapped the new curriculum and assessments for her school. Additionally, she creates DP taster lessons for Year 10 graduates that introduces and prepares them for all aspects of the course. At CourseLeap Kanchi is the course instructor for Pre-IB English & Personalised English tutorials for IB & IGCSE.



Prepare for the critical and independent study of a variety of literary and some non literary genre


Develop knowledge of literary terminology and the ability to apply it in analysis


Develop skills to prepare for writing an IBDP English essay, including creating a central argument and structuring and planning ideas effectively


Prepare for the expectations of oral components (internal assessments) of the Literature and Language courses


Encourage independent exploration of texts, alongside the effective use of textual evidence and convincing literary arguments


Develop discussion skills in relation to the collaborative development of critical and independent responses to texts


Develop approaches towards the interpretation of an unseen text

Course Details

Ideal for

Summer before Grade 11


8 days

Total hours

29 Hours

The course includes: teaching, assessments, doubt clarification, homework and progress reports for all Batches

Batches running in June and July – Check our Monthly calendar for course dates

Ideal for

Summer before Grade 11


6 days

Total hours

30 Hours

The course includes: teaching, assessments, doubt clarification, homework and progress reports for all Batches

Batches running in June and July – Check our Monthly calendar for course dates


“The course was very helpful. It gave me a clear idea about what the IB course is going to be like. Our instructor Nick, was very fun and interactive, it was amazing to study under him. He knew the course inside out, and the techniques he taught us were very helpful.”

Haardik Gupta

The Doon School, Dehradun, IGCSE, 2022 - Pre-IB English 2022

“The depth of the subject and ways to study IBDP English are a lot more different than they were in the IB MYP. This course gave me a really good overview of what to expect in IBDP. Mr. Pillow, our instructor, was really good with his teaching style as he kept a fun and peppy tone to the class while also conducting in depth teaching.”

Kabir Saluja

American School of Bombay (ASB), Mumbai, IB MYP, 2022. Pre-IB English 2022

“This course helped me feel prepared about the different topics that would be covered in IBDP English, and allowed me to further prepare in the summer. IBDP requires a more detailed analysis and more importance is placed on global issues than in MYP. Mr. Nick, our instructor is funny and able to command attention from all the participants, but is also tustworthy and serious when it comes to topics and answers questions with an ease. This has definitely improved my skills in analyzing.”

Lehar Goenka

Oberoi International School, Mumbai, IB MYP, 2022. Pre-IB English 2022

“The course has really changed my perspective towards the English language. The ICSE english was restrictive and had a narrow perspective, but IB english is a very broad subject and asks questions relating to real life situations rather than fixed texts. Our instructor Nick has helped us in many different ways during the course. He clarified our doubts, explained the concepts in a short, sweet manner and gave real life examples to support the concepts. The course was very helpful and I think it has prepared me to take on the IB.”

Kabir Punjwani

Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai, ICSE, 2022. Pre-IB English 2022

“The course helped understand the topics in depth and gave me a good idea as to how the IB curriculum works. I learnt many new things like how to form answers and analyze texts and the examples shared made learning better and relatable. The sessions were well organized, informative, interactive and fun.”

Adya Jhunjhunwala

Mayo College Girls' School, Ajmer - Rajasthan, ICSE, 2022. Pre-IB English 2022.

“The course was very engaging due to the various kinds of teaching applied, the casual yet disciplined environment and the interesting assignments. It was helpful to understand the difference in IB English and the approach to excelling in the same. CBSE was mainly focused on extracting information from texts, whereas IB is more focused on analysing texts”

Prisha Agrawal

Springdales School, Delhi, CBSE, 2021. Studying IBDP at Woodstock School, Mussoorie

“IB English has a lot more analysis to do than what I studied previously, there are a lot more kinds of literary and non literary pieces that we had never done before. The instructor, Mr Nick, was absolutely wonderful and he was able to hold my attention throughout the entire course. The most fun moments were our discussion and debates and sir’s jokes which kept us all very refreshed and entertained. The course showed me that what I have done till now is just a drop in the ocean. It also helped me in enhancing my speed and my presentation skills. Overall, the online course was absolutely wonderful and we had many opportunities to interact with each other which I think is one of the main skills a person needs in life.”

Indrasena Reddy

Delhi Private School (DPS), Dubai, CBSE, 2021. Studying IBDP at The International School Bangalore

“I loved every moment of this course, especially all the vivid discussions we had with our peers and teacher. They definitely helped us get a better understanding of the syllabus and the requirements of us as students. It also helped me in my analytical and critical skills development. Our instructor was incredibly interactive with the students he kept us engaged throughout. He was extremely sweet and helpful and his thorough knowledge of the course definitely helped him clarify our doubts. He gave us several chances to work with others to further develop our understanding. There was never a dull moment in class or any moment of silence. The small batch size definitely made engaging easier and more fun”

Sanaa Beriwala

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, IGCSE, 2021.Studying IBDP at the same school

“This course made us understand how english would be from now on and what we needed to know going forward. It made the testing process very clear so now we know what to expect. We got the opportunity to analyse these texts ourselves and have discussions on them with our peers and teachers. The subject has become much broader, interactive and quite different from what it used to be. Our instructor, Mr. Nick was absolutely amazing! There was never a dull moment during class, he was able to hold my complete attention and we continually had many activities and discussions. He was extremely approachable, and explained things clearly and last but not least he was very funny, and his jokes kept the class alive. One of the best teachers I have ever had! The course made me more open to speaking out in class, something that I didn’t do much of otherwise.”

Shrshti Santhosh

Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, ICSE, 2021. Studying IBDP at the same school

“Over the course I learned a lot of information and skills that would be beneficial to me in the IB. Firstly, the course goes through the course content of the IB in extreme detail emphasising on the piece of information that needs to be kept in mind during the course. Mr. Pillow taught us the key concepts and vocabulary that we would need in the IB in order to succeed while also showing us how to write analysis of literary or non-literary texts. Further, we were introduced  to the concept of global issues and even practised giving oral presentations on the final day so that we became more comfortable with the internal oral assessment or the IO that we would have to give in IB. Overall Mr. Pillow’s enthusiasm and experience definitely made the course worthwhile, informative, enjoyable and practical for anyone who is trying to bridge the gap between secondary curriculum to the IB.”

Neel Maheshwari

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, IGCSE, 2020. Studying IBDP at the same school

How can we help

Please refer to the Contact Us page if you need help deciding courses or have any other inquiries so we can understand your needs. The appropriate team member will get in touch with you shortly.


Although courses like the IGCSE English Language and English Literature courses include content in the analysis of language and literature, the IBDP course is more advanced. Although the IGCSE courses are intended to encourage independent responses, students can still do well through the recycling of responses taught didactically by teachers, especially in the literature course. This becomes more difficult on the IBDP English course, where only 7% of students worldwide gain grade 7s and these necessitate independent engagement with texts and a more refined understanding of genres.

The national diploma English courses are mainly rooted in discussing textual content, rather than identification rather than analysis of literary devices. Students entering the IBDP English courses from national curriculum courses often take a few months to catch up with their peers who have studied on international curriculum courses. This course will give him/her more immediate access to success on the IBDP English courses.

Yes – more emphasis will be placed on comparative skills for those taking HL whilst those taking SL will be expected to focus on single text analysis.

Courseleap offers the opportunity to receive on-line tutorials with highly experienced English teachers who deliver and have examined the IBDP.

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Prisha Agrawal

A fun and informative class that gave me an edge in English

I absolutely loved the course! It was not at all boring, especially considering that it was online.. the time flew by during class! Thank you for the wonderful experience!

2 years ago
Mrudgandh Kumbhar

English course

The class was very explorative and interactive as well as fun. It was very enlightening to me as a student and it is something that I will definitely remember for my IB journey.

2 years ago


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