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Course Concept

Students can find the transition to the IB Diploma Programme challenging in the early stages due to the IB’s increased focus on independent approaches to learning. The ability to assimilate new ideas and communicate effectively with them is a key skill for students’ learning beyond high school. It is with these aspects in mind that this course is created to prepare students for attainment in the ‘core’ of the IB Diploma Programme (Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Creativity, Activity, Service), which requires interdisciplinary skills to ‘Critically Read, Write, Research, & Reflect’. These skills are invaluable for individual subjects generally, and specifically, in the internal assessment component. Due to the emphasis on scholarship and critical thinking in the course, students will be more prepared for the intellectual rigour of the IB and will be better prepared to succeed at top universities, which focus heavily on intellectual honesty and learning as a process.

Theory of Knowledge has undergone significant changes in the IB syllabus since 2020. Ms. Chrisann Creado is the leading CourseLeap Consultant and Instructor for TOK and academic research and writing courses in various schools across India, and is fully familiar with the imminent changes.



Develop the skills necessary to take effective notes and organise ideas logically for academic writing


Prepare students for the demands of reading beyond the compulsory syllabus


Develop independent research skills and understanding of research methodology


Prepare students to read critically in order to infer and interpret


Encourage understanding and standpoints based on new information and perspectives


Develop approaches to reflection on intellectual responses


Build effective speaking and active listening skills


Develop the capacity to deliver and accept constructive criticism


Develop skills of collaboration


Develop successful presentation and public speaking skills

Course Details

Ideal for

Summer Before Grade 11


4 days

Total hours

25 hours

The course includes: teaching, assessments, doubt clarification, homework and progress reports for all Batches

Batches running in May and June – Check our Monthly calendar for course dates


“I have learnt how to manage my thoughts and notes more clearly as well as write better essays. The sessions were very helpful, our instructor explained everything clearly and helped clear my doubts, the tips she shared were also very useful. I feel this provided me with a fair idea about what to expect from the IB program.”

Advait Arjun Pandarath

Rajagiri Public School, Kerala, CBSE, 2022. Pre-IB Introduction to IB Core (TOK, EE, CAS) - 2022

“Looking back at when we started I was oblivious to what the IB was really about. The sessions have not only given me a great understanding of the course but also given me a strong platform to go ahead with. Writing has always been my weakness, glad I got to learn it. Our instructor, Miss Chrisann, guided us very well and she was amazing!”

Aaditya Shah

Kohinoor International School, Mumbai, ICSE, 2022. Pre-IB Introduction to IB Core (TOK, EE, CAS) - 2022

“The course was very helpful. The  highlight of the course for me was framing the research question and citing sources. Miss Chrisann was an excellent teacher and was able to clearly explain all the concepts. The activities she planned were a lot of fun and very engaging. I felt really good writing and presenting my own paper. The new skills I learned through the course which is going to be very helpful for my further IB studies include how to write the TOK, IA and EE papers.”

Nentara Agarwal

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, ICSE, 2021

“The knowledge regarding the process of actually writing a research paper and managing the sources, was the most valuable takeaway for me from this course. The classes were fun, engaging and informative. I have understood how to write a research paper, evaluate sources, differentiating between types of research & preventing plagiarism which are important aspects for the TOK subject”

Prisha Agrawal

Springdales School, Delhi, CBSE, 2021. Studying IBDP at Woodstock School, Mussoorie

“I would like to thank Ms Chrisann for making this course an amazing experience. She is a fantastic instructor and she was able to guide us through the maze that is the IBDP core. I found the research skills, academic honesty skills and all the activities we did to understand this as the most valuable aspect of the course. I was able to gain a deeper understanding into what I should expect from the IBDP in the next two years.”

Karun Mongia

Chirec International School, Hyderabad, CBSE, 2021

“This course has given me a strong base for the jam-packed two years to come! The course helped me to enhance my research, writing and note-taking. I really valued the feedback shared with me for my presentation. Overall, the course content was very well organized and planned and the homework helped me to learn better.”

Agastya Bahl

Hill Spring International School, Mumbai, IGCSE, 2021

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‘A Pre-IB Introduction to IB Core: Read, Research, Write & Reflect’ prepares students not just for the IB, but also for university and beyond. With these goals in mind, students develop skills in exploring unique ideas through self-directed research, a skill important both academically and vocationally.  Rather than reading purely for comprehension, students will learn to read critically and engage with ideas in the text. Alongside this, they will pursue a topic of interest within their studies, and research aspects of it leading to an understanding of the expectations of academic honesty and formal presentations.

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Pre-IB Core

It was engaging and I learned a lot about the skill needed for the core subjects for IB.

2 years ago


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