Careers for Teachers

CourseLeap has been attracting teachers from all over the world who are established masters of their profession, whose love of learning equals their love of teaching. Each teacher is strongly international in perspective and creative in their educational approaches to the individual needs of the students, yet also committed to inspiring in them the highest academic standards.

CourseLeap has been appreciated for our virtual/online courses. High pedigree and international nature of our programs, research-based engagements for effective teaching and learning models and protocols in the online educational space has helped us amplify our students’ learning and increase our students’ base pan India and out of India (UAE, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the US as well).

This level of expertise has led to an unprecedented demand for our services. Thus we are looking to expand our team with highly skilled people in their core specialization subject area who can motivate students with their passion for learning.

We will be looking at adding further courses under our (CLM) CourseLeap Math and (CLP) CourseLeap Plus verticals, found to be in demand by students to bridge the gap towards their university education.

Under our (CLM) CourseLeap Math vertical we are planning to introduce more STEM courses such as Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Advanced Statistics courses, preparatory courses for international computing competitions, etc.

We have job openings for the following positions –

  • Course Designers & Lead Instructors for STEM courses (mentioned above)
  • IB & IGCSE Math teachers for personalised tutorials
Any teacher who is passionate about teaching and holds internationally-recognised professional and educational qualifications is warmly encouraged to get in touch with us.

Internship Opportunities

At CourseLeap, we encourage our students and have had many of them who are in High School in Grade 11 and above or studying in the university overseas continuing to work with us as Interns. 

Working with us students get hands-on experience to assist in the research, design and content development of new, innovative and exciting courses as well as, help in delivering the courses, mentor and interact with students between the ages of 14-20. 

They benefit from an opportunity to work with experienced international educators in designing innovative courses, developing new talents, building on their own subject expertise and existing skills and gaining real world work experience. This will also be an excellent experiential learning opportunity for bright maths students, who have showcased their talent outside school maths.

Interns receive stipend and detailed recommendation letters that can help them with their university admissions and careers.

Interested candidates can share their resume and statement of intent with us at:



My experience at CourseLeap was an incredible learning opportunity where I got to experience the learning process from the other end – as a teacher! Being a mentee teacher with Mrs. Dhingra improved various skills such as communication and refined my perspective as a learner as well, 

Overall, this added a new dimension to my mathematical experiences and I hope to continue at CourseLeap in the future as well.

Tanvi Hisaria

Our intern for AMC course at CourseLeap from September 2016 to March 2017 and continues to mentor CouseLeap students. She is now a Senior at University of Columbia majoring in Math & Computer Sciences.

I mainly helped out with planning and grading in the Pre-IB courses. I was also part of the team that created the Math Bridge Program for 6th graders, a Pre-University Multivariable calculus course, and a Calculus II course. The experience helped me develop skills in order to present math concepts to first time learners which only happened when I understood the concepts completely. Further, it was great to learn from an experienced educator like Mrs. Dhingra about successfully planning and carrying out classes, especially in an online capacity. Lastly, it was a lot of fun to revisit old concepts that I now take for granted; and teaching them to first time learners is a very satisfying feeling.

Nandish Vora

Studying Maths & Physics at Emory University, interned in Summer of 2020