Information Literacy, Research and Critical Thinking

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Course Concept

This course aims to acquaint students with the opportunities and dangers presented by today’s expanding resources inherent to the ‘information superhighway’. 

It is designed as an immersive experience in the basics of academic research and writing which will help promote intellectual confidence and independence of thought, while at the same time encouraging them to appreciate and engage critically with different points of view.

The series of lessons will be ‘scaffolded’, that is, they will move from basic knowledge to deep understanding, through bite-sized tasks that are both fun and engaging, and suited to a wide range of learner interests. There will be encouragement at every step of the way, culminating in tangible and practical results: a well-informed, thoughtful presentation and a well-written essay promoting the lively interest and careful attention to detail of the learner in his/her subject.

Course Details

Ideal for

Grade 7 - 9


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Critical thinking does not involve criticizing someone but rather getting to the roots of something and analysing it to look for anything that would be probably fake. It is a different approach to things and helps you see other perspectives.

Shaurya Sharma

Bombay International School, Mumbai, Cambridge curriculum, Grade 7, 2019

This course taught me how to question information we come across in our daily lives via whatsapp forwards, teachers, etc. I learnt how to continuously choose the correct website with reliable information for research projects. I also learnt how to critically think while reading or writing an article and analyse the information I am dealing with. Lastly, I understood that good thinking needs good habits and we should allow enough time for projects requiring critical thinking.

Prisha Punjwani

Arya Vidya Mandir, Mumbai, Grade 10, ICSE, 2019

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Review Information Literacy, Research and Critical Thinking.

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