International Math Competitions

CourseLeap’s Exam Prep courses for international math competitions – American Math Competition (AMC) and Centre for Education in Maths and Computing (CEMC) contests conducted by the University of Waterloo are focused upon promoting conceptual understanding and maximizing the chances of success in these competitions. The aim is to imbibe in students a critical problem-solving attitude, which will improve their mathematical skills and help them in facing the challenges of High School Math and beyond.

These contests are written by thousands of students, worldwide every year. These are online contests that assess a student’s problem-solving skills and logical thinking. The courses have been designed keeping in mind the rigorous demands of these prestigious international competitions and follow a module-based approach that will cover each topic included in these contests and introduce students to the relevant theory, and strategies to solve problems. 

These courses also help students for various Asian Olympiads such as TIMO- Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad, HKIMO- Hong-Kong International Mathematical Olympiad , SEMAC-South East Asian Mathematics Contests etc.

CourseLeap specialises in these competitions and have preparatory courses throughout the year. Parents can schedule a consulting session to discuss the suitability of either of the courses based on the students ability.

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American Maths Competition (AMC 8,10,12)

(Grade 7 - 12)

Centre For Education in Mathematics & Computing (CEMC), University of Waterloo

(Grade 8 - 11)

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