Pre-IB Computer Science

Course Concept

Computer science requires an understanding of the fundamental concepts of computational thinking as well as knowledge of how computers and other digital devices operate. The Pre-IB Diploma Course will provide students with a head start in their IB Diploma journey. The course imparts essential skills and lays the robust computational thinking and programming foundation to succeed in IB. The programme delivery ensures the best use of IB-compliant practices in content, teaching styles, techniques, and ultimately significantly higher chances of achieving top results at school.



Bridge the differences between learning until the 10th grade and those demanded by the IBD


Know and understand the course structure, content and the assessment model


Develop logical and critical thinking as well as experimental, investigative and problem-solving skills 


Develop an understanding of the Internal Assessment and marking criterion


Develop an understanding of the Case Study based paper 3 and Extended Essay

Course Details

Ideal for

Summer before Grade 11


6 Days

Total hours

23 hours

The course includes: teaching, assessments, doubt clarification, homework and progress reports for all Batches

Batches running in July – Check our Monthly calendar for course dates

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“Before this course, I knew nothing with regards to the theory of computer science. In my school, the curriculum lacked in terms of teaching theoretical aspects and covered very little in terms of the practical side.This course helped me understand that side of it. The research activities were very helpful since they gave us a fair idea of the topic before the course instructor explained it to us. Our instructor had thorough knowledge about the course content and clarity in his instructions and explanations.”

Ahaan Kallat

Oberoi International School, Mumbai, IB MYP, 2021. Studying IBDP at the same school

“The course focused on real life problem solving and providing in-depth knowledge to prepare students for computer science in university. The IA is a new section which makes us go to a real person and design-execute a solution for their specific problem. Our instructor had in-depth knowledge of the subject and knew exactly what he needed the students to understand. He was friendly and encouraged independent learning. It helped me get an overview of the next two years of my IB Computer Science HL course and understand from an examiner’s point of view what they look for.”

Paranjap Chopra

The British School, Mumbai, IGCSE, 2021. Studying IBDP at the same school

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