High School Accelerator Courses

Our High School Accelerator Courses have been designed for highly motivated students entering high school. Students of this age begin to consider their future prospects and with the right exposure and guidance can maximize their potential. 

High schools today expect students to have a ready ability to think critically for themselves, to question and to research. In the years leading up to high school, emphasis on encouraging these qualities can too easily get lost under the weight and range of material to be learned. 

Students need to develop important skills such as objectivity and clarity in thought, precision in written as well as verbal expression, logical thinking and creativity and technical skills in problem solving. They also need to learn investigative approaches and become more open-minded and prepared to reassess their own ideas. As part of our High School Accelerator Program series, this compressed course offers an introduction to academic skills that will help equip students to prosper in secondary school as well as university studies.

The following series of courses form a foundation ensuring our students’ success in upper secondary school and university. It allows them to be at the forefront to face any challenges or competition ahead of them. 


** These courses are valuable for students who have studied diverse curricula up to Grade 7, enabling them to move seamlessly into high school by bridging the gap between different modes of teaching. They will be particularly useful to those students planning to enroll (or already enrolled) in the IGCSE program or considering IB Diploma Program after Grade 10, if currently studying in one of the several Indian Boards.


Math Courses

Math - Art of Problem Solving

(Grade 8 - 10)

Data Analytics and Math Applications Using Microsoft Excel (Level 1 & 2)

Level 1 (Grade 8 - 10)
Level 2 (Grade 9 - Pre-University)

English And Interdisciplinary Courses

English - Written Communication: Read, Interpret, Analyze and Articulate

Level 1 - Grade 7-9
Level 2 - Grade 8 - 10
Level 3 - Exam Prep Intensive

Public Speaking

(Grade 8-9)

Information Literacy, Research and Critical Thinking

(Grade 7-9)

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