English IGCSE Exam Prep Intensive

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Course Concept

This intensive revision course covers the written examinations for both First Language English (FLE) and World Literature. Students will use the IGCSE syllabus, study past exam papers and exemplar answers, and work on their own responses, looking also at various exam tips and techniques.

As well as the basics, they will also perfect the nitty-gritty, and address the details which often keep students from achieving the top marks, for example: How should I structure paragraphs? How ought I to organise my essay? What exactly goes in an introduction?

It is specially conceptualised and designed for IGCSE students who need to develop detailed skills required to excel in English examinations.



To know how to write an essay under exam conditions, including planning, structuring, introductions and conclusions.


To understand the requirements of the written examinations for World Literature and FLE, and to know how these will be graded.


To understand the requirements of the written examinations for World Literature and FLE, and to know how these will be graded.


To develop confidence in overcoming exam nerves.

Course Details

Ideal for

Grade 9 & 10


5 Days

Total hours

19 hours

The course includes: teaching, assessments, doubt clarification, homework and progress reports for all Batches

Batches running in January – Check our Monthly calendar for course dates


The course was extremely helpful. Very interesting and unique ways of teaching that engrossed my attention. Very informative and practical class. The knowledge gained from this course would help me in the future. Our instructor, Mr. Nick Pillow is perfect and easily reachable for doubt clarification and has a lot of patience. He is very lively and makes the sessions a lot of fun. The course helped me to enhance my personality as well.

Yash Shah

ICSE, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Grade 8, 2020

Our instructor, Nick is equipped with a wide range of skills from exemplary speech to a sophisticated vocabulary. He made us understand ideas and concepts using references we could easily perceive and comprehend. He was also apt with all the literature chapters we did, specifically Shakespeare. It taught me how to portray my ideas and stage my thoughts in the right manner. It also gave me a fruitful introduction to IGCSE English I’ll learn this coming year.

Siddhanth Lohia

IGCSE, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Grade 9, 2020

The course helped me write better answers using the new techniques and creative descriptions. Our instructor, Nick gave qualitative feedback which helped me improve. He helped me understand the topics and his teaching and communication methods were enjoyable and fun, which made the sessions more interesting. I feel more confident in my English skills and I have understood a lot of different strategies now.

Aradhitta Goenka

IGCSE, Bombay International School, Mumbai, Grade 8, 2020

The course equipped me with better technique and how to write more concisely. Our instructor was extremely helpful, and he would not be bothered by any of our doubts. He has thorough knowledge about each and every concept, and he is the ideal teacher. I have grown an interest in writing, and I used to be intimidated by new, tough-looking texts, however I approach them with ease now.

Aditi Sandeep Ladda

IGCSE, The Universal School, Mumbai, Grade 10, 2020

“This prep course was very helpful in every way. We did a lot of revision which really helped me improve. I also learned the best study tactics for our exam prep. Mr. Pillow, our instructor makes learning fun as well as very effective. His experience in teaching the course really shows as he kept us engaged and interested to learn throughout the session.”

Amaan Singh

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Grade 10, IGCSE, 2022. High School Accelerator - 2022.

“They helped me get a better understanding of both WL and FLE and I feel that I’m ready to take the exams after it. Our instructor Nick explained all of the concepts really well and taught me how to write various aspects of the papers and made the course enjoyable. The course has taught me how to attempt a paper and I now have the tools and confidence to successfully attempt a paper.”

Arjun Kanoi

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Grade 10, IGCSE, 2022. High School Accelerator - 2022.

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